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Test went okay. I hate articles. I don't understand why there needs to be 397502 words for "the". But it still went okay.

Hockey. There is NHL hockey on my TV for the first time in over a year. It makes me very happy. But there are 82 matches in a season and only 22 episodes of Lost a season. Lost beats hockey. Well, first-run Lost, anyways.

Hattrick. I won my cup match by the skin of my nose and this means that next week, I get to play a friend of mine, I, whom I've met several times and is a very nice person. She's also sort of my boss when it comes to other things in the game, so that's just amusing. It's a seeded thing, so the best team left plays the worst team left, and we're both somewhere in the middle. It'll be fun!

And OMG, I just saw José Theodore in a Ford commercial. Long live French television, eh? DAMN, that boy is fine. <wipes drool from chin>

Lost in 13 minutes, now. Stay tuned at 10pm for my Lost reactions, and don't forget to check out [ profile] flight815islost for Lost stuff, too. (I'll be making a post there later on, which will be more detailed than the one here.)

Ten minutes. Squee!

(I need to make an icon that incorporates Lost, hockey, Hattrick and Italian.)
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And I have finished my Italian homework, finished my English homework and then spent TWO HOURS replying to Italian messages on Hattrick.

My intial "hey, help me practice my written Italian" turned into a thread of over 300 messages, and humour SO does not translate all that well between English and Italian, let me tell you, but it's fun. My fingers ACHE from all the writing, though, and my poor dictionary and verb book are going to be showing signs of wear and tear soon. ;)

Still, it's a lot of fun, if time consuming. Normally, I can wade through 30 messages in like, 15 minutes, 20 or so if I want to make a few replies. 30 messages in Italian takes me about an hour and a half to two hours. I AM NOT USED TO BEING SLOW. It irks me.

Anyways, TOTALLY bedtime now, 'cause I have to be up around 2ish to make sure I get to class on time.
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I really didn't think my day could get all that much worse after I woke up, was annoyed, cranky, PMSing and then had to take a cab to work.

I was wrong.

Work. )

Work & JB. )

Work, Part II. Or III, if you're picky. )

Commuting home and Hattrick. )

And then I watched TV while writing this entry, but I watched more TV than I wrote, because I started this at like, 1am, and it's nearly 3, and it doesn't normally take me this long to write an entry of this length. Which I'm going to add cuts to, now, because ayoy, it was a lot longer than I thought it was going to be.

Soon: requested icons.

Later: bed.


Aug. 27th, 2005 03:56 pm
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Listened to the acoustic version of Jagged Little Pill, and in Ironic, there's been a lyric change.

The line "it's like meeting the man of my dreams, and then meeting his beautiful wife" has been changed to "it's like meeting the man of my dreams, and then meeting his beautiful... husband.".

Thank you, Alanis, for a fun laugh.


Still a wee bit cranky, but I'm doing some Hattrick work, I have chocolate on-hand and I don't work until 2pm tomorrow, so life is pretty good right now.


I desperately want to make new icons, too. But I am not inspired! Woe is me.


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