Sep. 4th, 2004

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Let's see. I haven't posted much lately.

- Financial front: I am free of American Express forever. I paid $694 on Wednesday to free myself of this stupid debt. I think the last thing I used my AmEx card for was a month's rent at my old apartment, possibly the month of February. I have not lived there since late April of 2002. Ironically, sitting in my mailbox when I got home was an application for an American Express gold card. Which I promptly tore up into itty bitty pieces. I also got some cash from [ profile] mzac's mom for the site I'm working on for her. So financially, things are coming along nicely.

- Family front: Unfortunately, I have been somehow tricked into going up north without my brother present. "Your brother and his girlfriend will be there," my father assured me, and I decided that I'd go because Dad's off to Australia for two weeks for work, and we should all spend some quality time together. So I called them about 45 minutes ago and said I'd go. My mother then said "Oh, I'm glad, because your brother's not coming after all." Grr. So I'm going anyways, because I have to make up for my idiot brother.

- Driving front: Haven't driven in ages, it seems, though I did drive myself home last week, but I want to drive up north today. However, I had a dream that I was driving the Pathfinder last night, only I was sitting on the wrong side of the car (on the right, not the left) and the seat and mirrors weren't adjusted, and I wasn't even wearing SHOES. And then I went driving through this park, all to get to my old highschool. I don't know if this means I desperately need to put myself into a real-life driving situation, or if it was foreshadowing that I'm going to do something incredibly stupid while driving. Also, I'm starting to get very annoyed that I can only drive with another person with me. That said, I know I'm not ready to drive alone full-time, but it bothers me that, legally, I can't even drive alone for five minutes.

- School front: School starts on Tuesday at 11:45am. I will then have Italian for an hour and fifteen minutes, taught by the wife of the guy who taught me Photoshop during my certificate course a year and a half ago. Then a break for an hour and forty-five minutes, then Statistics at 2:45 over at the other campus, and they have a free shuttle bus every 20 minutes to take you there. At 4pm, I'm free to go home, and, happily, there's a city bus that goes from the other campus way east, and it drops me off right at the top of my street. While I am not looking forward to Statistics in the least, I AM looking forward to Italian. My mom's fairly fluent in Italian, so I can practice with her, and my dad's not quite at her level, but they're both better than I am. Last night, Dad was all "blah blah Italiano blah blah con questo blah blah" and I'm like... "I can come to you with Italian questions?" and he's all "Why are you TAKING Italian if you UNDERSTOOD me?!" Ha, ha, I'm good at guessing. Go me.

- Health front: That damn nose stuff is actually working. No sinus tylenol in nearly two weeks, and I'm doing just fine. A little sniffly when there's been a SERIOUS change in temperature or humidity, but very little headache pain on the whole! WooHOO! Of course, I'm now going up north with my mother who's got a bad cold, two dogs, and two smokers. So I'm taking a couple of chances, here.

- Miscellaneous: I can't believe they haven't had Maggie onscreen on AMC since last Thursday. / YTV aired both Transformers: The Movie and G.I. Joe: The Movie last night. I taped them. / It's still damn cold! / Thief II runs amazingly well on my laptop. And I've barely used my desktop in days. Shiny!New!Laptop rules all. Also, there's some person around here who has an unsecured wireless network named "linksys", but there's nearly no signal. And there's someone out there with a secured wireless network named "michael". Oh, and another low-signal unsecured one named "NETGEAR". Alas, none of these are on 24/7. I definitely need to get a wireless hub or router or something, because wandering around my apartment with my laptop and a long-ass ethernet cord just isn't working out. Tripping over cords which would then bring the laptop crashing to the floor is one of my worst nightmares. / I did allllllll my dishes last night in a cleaning spree, since there was the possibility that my friend C would come over. She didn't, but I'm glad I did all the dishes anyways. Now I can go up north today and come back tomorrow to a clean apartment.

I should eat something, I suppose. And then put the dishes in the dishwasher. :)
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Something FUN to do while up north! More on being up north later.

50 Things You May Not Know About Me )

That was fun!

(also, this morning I had 1 Gmail invite. I now have six. Who wants one?)


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