Aug. 21st, 2004


Aug. 21st, 2004 05:40 am
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This awful feeling has just descended upon me. Well, that's what it did earlier Friday afternoon. Now it' just kind of hovering and trying to make me miserable.

I got some stuff done. Financial stuff, organizational stuff, work stuff and I wrote a fair bit.

Talked to my friend C on the phone and we decided several things:

1) The freakishness of the Energizer Bunny is a great anti-marketing scheme. (It's actually half the reason I buy Duracell batteries.)
2) Existential/metaphysical/future plan crises should not happen at 2am when you're doing 600 pages of required reading for bar school (that was due last Thursday).
3) The phrase "sleeptalking" means picking up the phone, dialing a number and having a strange conversation with a friend while half asleep. And was also a term conceived by someone who was very tired at the time.
4) Some people in the world should not be given money; rather, they should be given what they would want to purchase with the money. (My brother is one of them, and if I'm ever independantly wealthy, he's getting a trust fund accessible only when he's 35. And a nice car every few years until then.)
5) It's not a good thing when one's idea of a vacation is worrying about being eaten by sharks, and this is still a relaxing idea compared to the prospect of nine months of bar school.
6) Actionscript programming does not have a shelf life of a year. You cannot not use Actionscript for a year, then pick up a book and dive into some code without many, many, MANY problems. (It doesn't help that the space in my head that used to be taken up by Actionscript is now filled with historical Quebec political crap.)

Bed in a sec, but first...

Thanks to [ profile] moireach for the hilarious IM away message of: "Do you ever stop to think .... what if J.K. Rowling died suddenly?" which made me crack up at 5:30am. :)

Baptism of my friend M's son tomorrow. I'm too young to be an aunt! I can't believe one of my friends has one of these things already!

([ profile] drsnicket, you had so better be careful, 'cause I swear, I'll kill you if you wind up pregnant before you're ready. How are you, anyways? Drop me an email or give me a call Sunday evening.)

And now sleep, 'till 1pm, at which point I shall shower, shave, pick out a nice skirt to wear, and prepare to face the fact that one of my dearest, oldest friends, who's a year younger than me, IS A FREAKIN' MOTHER.
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Olympic spoilers. )

My friend's baby is fucking adorable. I am so taking him to hockey lessons at age three.

Saw some old friends, had a pleasant afternoon/evening.

Going laptop hunting tomorrow in the AM.

Am tired. Have a website to work on.

Need Coke! :)


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