Dec. 31st, 2004

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Today, my brother, his GF, my father and I all went skiing at the place I skied for most of my life. I went to this hill yesterday, but only skied at Mountain 1, like I did last year with my brother and father. Today, we skied at Mountain 4. I have not skied at Mountain 4 in seven years. At least.

What a workout.

On the whole, I probably only did about 12 runs, but DAMN, were they intense. Gone are the days where I could just pop the skis on and head for the chairlift. I ache. And I even stretched!

Anyways, we started off on an "easy" slope -- one on which my father actually cracked a rib, about ten years ago (if not more!) -- and then did a more traditional easy run. Both were covered in ice and not a lot of snow, so we headed on to more advanced hills.

Skiing is theraputic. While skiing, you don't think about anything except the next turn, the next mogul, the speed, the ice, the cold. You're thinking about all the little things you've learned over the years and try to put them into practice. At least I do, because I'm still scared of breaking my collarbone again. ;) It's a delightful feeling, not thinking about anything. It's, in fact, joyous. I wish I could ski when I'm up late, unable to sleep, because my brain won't shut up! Alas.

Anyways, so at one point today, I'm going down an intermediate slope (Gouverneur or some such) and I'm about halfway down it. Now, I've done this run a zillion times in my life. I know how the hill curves, I know where it gets steeper; I know it. And as I'm going down, my legs really start to ache, and I realize that I have GOT to stop for a second to let my muscles recuperate. God, I'm getting old. So I stopped for about 20 seconds, let the aching subside, and continued down on my way. But I did it! The most challenging hill I'd skied in 7 years and I did it just fine.

I later moved back up to an expert slope and had myself a good couple of runs down it, without stopping to rest, and generally had a great time.

Photos! )

I have approximately a zillion ski stories and memories. Now that I have skis again and now that I'm going to make it a habit to come up here a lot more often, you all run the risk of being exposed to them. And more photos!

Other news: P has not bailed on me for tomorrow! Casino after dinner with the family, and I am totally looking forward to it. I'm also looking forward to a shower wherein I can actually wash myself in non-smelly or non-freezing cold water. The hot water in the shower gave out WAY too quickly today, and that's only a good thing because the hot water smells like sulfer. :P

Bed soon, and wintery cottage pics to take tomorrow. :D


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