Aug. 4th, 2004

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I have an appointment with an allergist tomorrow morning at 9am. Time to see exactly what I'm allergic to, and how severe the allergies are. I've spent eight years being perpetually congested, to varying degrees, and it was originally diagnosed as "vasomotor rhinitis". That basically means I get congested without any real evidence of allergies. So I'm not allergic to pollen or ragweed, for instance, but things like humidity and temperature changes make my nose run.

It's, to be blunt, a pain in the ass.

The condition is basically forever, and there's no way to prevent yourself from developing it, if you can imagine.

So I'm going to the allergist for the full test to eliminate allergic rhinitis from the equation and see what I can do to eliminate possible allergy triggers around me to make the nose running less severe.

I've been on and off steroid nasal inhalers, but since they discontinued the aerosol version of the one I was given, I've stopped taking them and have switched to Sinus Tylenol for my issues. A single, regular strength Sinus Tylenol once every day or two is just as effective (if not more) than inhaling the crappy steroid mist that just winds up dribbling out my nose again anyways. It's less expensive, too.

But also, there's a bunch of things I *suspect* I'm allergic to and have not been tested for (shellfish/seafood, nuts, cats) so we're going to clear that up, too.

I'm mildly cranky, too. I haven't had any decongestants/antihistamines/sinus meds since Sunday, because it could all mess up my allergy results. And the sinus pressure is starting to hurt. It's still only at the discomfort stage, for the most part, but ... I'm glad the appointment's in the morning, because as soon as I walk out of the office, I'm popping a Sinus Tylenol or two and praying I'll have headed it off at the pass before it gets any worse.

Driving lesson on Friday. And I might just go up north on Friday, afterwards. I'm not sure yet. I haven't been to the cottage yet this summer, so maybe I will, assuming my dad and brother are done with the work they were doing on the hallway and bedrooms there. Mmmm, I could go swimming in the lake. How tempting. And I could even DRIVE UP there with my brother! Like, me, driving! At least part of the way. :)

Okay, I'm seriously considering it, now.

And now, to bed, because I'm waking up at 7. Gotta be out the door by 8:12am or so.


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