Day 2.

Sep. 23rd, 2009 06:03 pm
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From Piazza San Marco in Venice, in June of 2006, some random girl with pigeons all around her. (As a note, you are apparently no longer allowed to feed pigeons in the piazza.)

(click for larger version in a new window)

I have another photo of her looking much more freaked out, but I do like how she smiled at me in this one, which is why I selected it for today. :)

Randomly, I hate how "Piazza San Marco" gets translated into "St. Mark's Square". Seriously. It's Venice. It's Italy. It is not so difficult to say the Italian words! "Pee-ATS-ah"... San... Marco. For real.

Anyways, back tomorrow with a book recommendation, apparently. :)
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I'm still conscious, scanning old family photos that belong to my first cousin, once removed, Sandy. My folks are heading to Toronto on Sunday and so I figure I should send the photos along with them for hand-delivery. Annoyingly, a wedding picture from my great-aunt's wedding is refusing to scan nicely.

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The cottage, where I take awesome photos of the sunsets and such.

Three photos from up north, one from home. )

Should get back to data analysis.
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I... had a really weird day, but also really good. I know, I'm a cold, callous person for focusing on my own day rather than the tragic events that happened in London. My thoughts and prayers are with Londoners and their loved ones, but it doesn't change the fact that what happened happened, and it doesn't change the fact that I had a day that had very little to do with the bombings.

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