Apr. 22nd, 2006 12:12 pm
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Okay, enough. I'm Italianed out.

I'm done and I think it went WELL.

I would say that it is the BEST Italian exam I have written. I might have gotten close to an 80. I probably got 70/90 in the grammar, 15/20 for the composition, and maybe 10/20 for the reading comprehension. Depending on a variety of factors, I'll wind up with a 74-80 or so. I would be shocked to get lower than a 70.

This still means a C/C+/B- (at the very most, I think) in the class, but you know what? I'm done with it, and I can speak it okay and I can understand it okay and that's all I need.

I think if I got a 75 on the exam, I'll get around a C+. If I got an 82 or higher on the exam, I get a B-, roughly. Which, OMG, I so do not deserve, but I would love my life if I got a B- in Italian instead of a C or a C+.

Hi, I've had like, 2.5 hours of sleep. I'll shut up now.

Left to do: 1 final project for my 410 (stats) class. Due Monday. With any luck, I'll get the majority of it done later tonight and tomorrow so I can RELAX and be on holiday for a couple weeks. I haven't had a break longer than a week since Christmas of 2004. I am so very burnt out. However, my TOTAL ASSKICKING of this Italian exam (well, comparitively) has made me very happy and has somewhat energized me. W00T.

Okay, parlarvi più tarde!


Apr. 22nd, 2006 07:53 am
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So come parlare l'italiano. Posso anche scriverlo. So il presente, l'imperfetto, il futuro, il condizionale, il congiuntivo, l'imperativo. Farò dei errori, si, ma faccio dei errori in francese e inglese, anche. Non sono una macchina, sono una persone.

Posso usare i numeri ordinali -- primo, secondo, terzo, quarto, quinto, sesto, settimo, ottovo, nono, decimo.

I problemi saranno con il comparativo e la forma passiva, penso, ma con la composizione e con la lettura, spero che tutto vada bene.

E un po straniere. L'esame non e solamente per questo semestre, ma per tutti i miei semestri d'italiano. Se non capressi qualcosa due anni fa, farei dei errori oggi. Non penso che mi piaccia.

Non mi sento troppo bene non più, ma sarò bene dopo l'esame, per certo.

Devo andare a presto. Mia madre viene per portarmi all'università in qualche minuti.

Vi vedrò dopo l'esame.

Pensate dei buoni pensieri per me, per favore. :)


Apr. 21st, 2006 11:46 pm
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Ho avuto abbastanza.

L'italiano ed io non siamo dei amici.

Veramente, mi piace l'italiano, ma mi dispiace aprire l'italiano. Non ero certa prima di studiare per questo esame, ma adesso, so che non prendero mai ancora un altro classe d'italiano all'universita. La pressione dei esami, dei compiti, delle composizione... Non posso farlo ancora. Non voglio farlo, non piu.

Il mio esame e alla 9 domani mattina.

Mi dispiace anche.
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I love Italian. Really. I do. I don't think there's a more beautiful language than Italian. I love the rhythm, the cadence, the style, the flair.

I also loathe it more intensely than I thought was possible.

I have a test at 2:45. On ordinal numbers (first, second, third, primo, secondo, terzo), the passive form, relative pronouns, the imperative and the subjunctive.

I am confident of my ability on the numbers and fairly reasonably okay with the subjunctive. The pronouns and imperative are so-so. The passive form? Gah.

I don't tend to use the passive voice in ENGLISH, much less Italian.

I really think this may be my last semester of Italian. It makes me sad, but also, there's this huge wave of relief at the idea of not cramming a whole new language, complete with verbs and tenses, into my already-full brain.

The only motivation I have right now is to learn this so that when I go to Italy this summer (June, baby! 2 weeks!) with my parents, I'll be able to tell them I'm going out and not to worry, because I can speak the language, too. I refuse to be stuck at my parents' sides for two weeks when I am somewhat capable of speaking with the locals.

... I highly doubt I'll wind up speaking in the passive form to some random person in Italy, though. :P


Jan. 26th, 2006 05:21 pm
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I think I actually did okay on my Italian test. I'm thinking I got somewhere in the mid-70s. I could possibly have gotten in the 80s, although I am very bad at telling how I did on Italian tests. The last time I thought I aced a test, I got 60-something.

Still, I know I got at least 9/10 on each of the 10 question subjunctive sections, and probably another 4/5 in another section and at least 4/5 in another section, which is 26/30, and there was another section that, even if I bombed (I know I didn't ace it), I probably got 3-4 on, so that's 29-30/40.


In other news, I saw Nelly at the Mature Students Centre today after the test. She told me I was doing very well and to not feel bad about the B+ in 403, and that the Italian is dragging down my GPA, yes, but that it's good that I recognize that and if I don't want to continue, I don't have to, since getting an Italian minor would mean another SIX ITALIAN COURSES. Good gravy, I couldn't do another six if you paid me. She told me that I should go see a Soci advisor and let them know I want to switch my concentration from a Major to an Honours, so I'm gonna do that next Tuesday between Anthro and Italian. Hopefully, they will accept me as an Honours student and I won't be doing Soci 410 (Research Design and Analysis) for "fun". (Actually, I'm moderately pleased that this semester, we're going to be working on our own research, so YAY.)

Also, new default Irina icon, courtesy of [ profile] irinafan. 4th season spoiler as to why I changed -- apart from the Santa hat. )

What else, what else... It's 5:15. I have class at 6.

Oh, I blew off Anthro again. Whoops. I've got to start going to that class. My bus went by at 11am, just after I finished brushing my teeth and was packing up. That, FYI, is seven minutes early. I took it as a sign that I should stay home and study more. So I did.

Also, Jan Bulis is awesome (he scored FOUR GOALS in last night's game against Philly, which the Habs actually won, 5-3.) and Jose Theodore is sucking these days, so our backup, Cristobal Huet, is in nets tonight against Ottawa.

I am, how you say, le tired.

But I feel like I accomplished stuff today. Go me.
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Well. It's been an interesting few days.

First of all, the election results. We have a Conservative government in Canada now. Except it's a weaker government than the Liberal minority we just had. See, in Canada, we have Parliament, right, and the Prime Minister is the head of the party that has the most seats in Parliament. There are 308 seats to be won in Parliament, so if the party has 155 or more seats, it's called a majority government, because that party with 155 or more seats gets to basically overrule everyone and pass whatever bills they want.

The Liberals had 133 seats, so when the Conservatives, the Bloc Quebecois and the NDP (New Democratic Party) all voted together, they toppled the government, leading to this election.

WELL, hahaha! The Conservatives got 124 seats, the Liberals got 103 seats, the Bloc got 51 and the NDP got 29, and an independent got a seat. So the Conservatives got an even WEAKER government than the one they just toppled. Mwahaha. And since the Libs, the Bloc and the NDP are all further to the left than the Tories, I think same-sex marriage is currently safe.

That's about all the good news.

My poll clerk was incompetant. Due to her stupidity, I thought I'd lost three ballots. Do you know how bad it would be to have lost three ballots? If my numbers don't add up, I DON'T GET TO GO HOME.

In the end, it was just that she'd forgotten to tick off three people as having voted once they put their ballots in the box, but that's half her job. She was supposed to cross out the names as I handed them a ballot and tick them off as they deposited the ballot in the box. IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, PEOPLE.

Anyways. 15 hours, I was there. And I came home to Stephen FREAKING Harper as my Prime Minister.

But then I went out and picked up JB from her polling station (how I WISH she'd been my poll clerk!), then we got ice cream, picked up some of her stuff from her place, came back here, ate ice cream and didn't watch Stephen Harper's speech. No, instead, out of protest, we turned off the TV and watched The L Word.

Blew off Anthro the next day, but made it to Italian.

I slept for 13 hours, last night.

It was lovely.

What is not lovely: Italian test tomorrow. Whee. On four tenses, three of which I can barely use in French, plus some other... things. Eesh. Wish me luck.

At least that's going to be followed up by TV with JB. :)
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Okay, seriously, I ran across the word "matto" in my Italian reading just now. It means crazy. I had no idea it was an Italian word until today. And so I looked up "cibo", curious.

Cibo Matto translates to Crazy Food.

Am I the only person in the world who didn't know that "Cibo Matto" was two Italian words?

Honestly, I must at least be the only person in the world with THREE SEMESTERS of Italian under her belt who didn't know that.

Wow, my vocab sucks! :)
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Ciao, tutti. Il mio esame d'italiano è alle 7 stasera. Che faccio? Studio. Ma voglio sapere perché ho deciso di prendere italiano. Non sono molto bene con le lingue (solamente inglese. Il mio francese non è troppo male, ma non è molto buono non piu!), e mi domando perché ho preso italiano ancora.

La ragione è molto simplice: l'italiano mi piace. Le mie vote non saranno fantastiche, ma ho voluto apprendere la lingua italiana.


Hi, all. My Italian exam is at 7 this evening. What am I doing? Studying. But I want to know why I decided to take Italian. I'm not very good with languages (only English. My French isn't too bad, but it's not great, either!), and so I ask myself why did I take Italian again?

The reason is very simple: I like Italian. My grades won't be fantastic, but I wanted to learn the Italian language.

That's why I'm finishing my third semester of Italian, that's why I'm planning on a fourth and possibly a fifth and a sixth.

It's that classic battle. Wanting to learn versus wanting a good GPA. I have SO many credits to do that I could have taken any number of introductory classes to virtually any topic to help eat them up. But I decided to challenge myself and learn a third language. A third language which has resulted in the two lowest marks I've had in my university career -- a B- and a C. A C. I did better in STATISTICS than I did in either of my introductory Italian courses! I got a B+ in Stats I and a B in Stats II. The world has gone mad if I did better in a MATH course than a language course!

Anyways, I'll probably get a B- or a B (if I'm lucky) in this Italian course and the next one should be similar. Nelly, the awesome Mature Student Advisor, has informed me that "though the Sociology program LIKES that you're being diverse in taking Italian, they don't really care that you got a C in Italian if you got a B in Stats."

But my GPA. Ouch. Technically, I need to get an A- in my courses to drag it up from 3.35, since a B+ or lower will bring it down. It's currently 3.35. I expect to see it drop.

And I'm going to stop talking about grades, now, and get back to studying for my exam which is in FOUR HOURS.

Also, new icon, because I like the badly photoshopped Santa hats on my friendslist.
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I had an Italian composition due for today. Naturally, I started it at like, 2:30 this morning.

In reading it over this afternoon, I shocked the hell out of myself.

In French and Italian, and likely other latin languages, too, you have to accord things with gender and number. That's to say, you not only have to make sure the person knows the thing you're talking about is plural, but also that it's masculine or feminine.


I went -> Je suis allée -> Sono andata

When you read "I went", you don't know if "I" is male or female. In French and Italian, you know that.

In groups:

We went -> Nous sommes allées -> Sono andate

You know immediately in French and Italian that the "we" is a group comprised entirely of women.

It's handy.

I SUCK at the accords. Like, really. My entire life, I have sucked horribly at according things with gender and number.

Last night, at 2:30 in the morning, I did it properly no less than six times in my composition. Even in the past tense, when you don't always have to accord it, I DID IT PROPERLY.

Frankly, I'm stunned at my brilliance in the middle of the night. It made revising it a lot easier.

Okay, I must dash. Bus comes soon, then class, then back here for a nap, perhaps, before talking to P and watching Lost and writing.
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Is it just me, or is the negative really easy in virtually every language?

"They eat too much." becomes "They don't eat too much."

"Ils mangent trop." becomes "Ils ne mangent pas trop."

"Loro mangiano troppo." becomes "Loro non mangiano troppo."

French gets a bit tricky, because you have to have ne ... pas in there somewhere, or something along those lines, but Italian's much easier, a lot like English, where you just stick in the negative before the verb.

Back to studying.
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Test went okay. I hate articles. I don't understand why there needs to be 397502 words for "the". But it still went okay.

Hockey. There is NHL hockey on my TV for the first time in over a year. It makes me very happy. But there are 82 matches in a season and only 22 episodes of Lost a season. Lost beats hockey. Well, first-run Lost, anyways.

Hattrick. I won my cup match by the skin of my nose and this means that next week, I get to play a friend of mine, I, whom I've met several times and is a very nice person. She's also sort of my boss when it comes to other things in the game, so that's just amusing. It's a seeded thing, so the best team left plays the worst team left, and we're both somewhere in the middle. It'll be fun!

And OMG, I just saw José Theodore in a Ford commercial. Long live French television, eh? DAMN, that boy is fine. <wipes drool from chin>

Lost in 13 minutes, now. Stay tuned at 10pm for my Lost reactions, and don't forget to check out [ profile] flight815islost for Lost stuff, too. (I'll be making a post there later on, which will be more detailed than the one here.)

Ten minutes. Squee!

(I need to make an icon that incorporates Lost, hockey, Hattrick and Italian.)
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Did you know that there are over THIRTY irregular past participles in the passato prossimo in Italian?


Thankfully, I already know... ... wow, I know 20 of them pretty well from my prior classes. But still.

And the imperfect is okay, too.

But there's a ton of present-tense irregularities that just SUCK. To ascend, which is "salire", is crazy. It's salgo, sali, sale, saliamo, saliate, salgono. Where the hell does this G come from, and why is it only in the first person singular and third person plural?!

Grr. There are others that are just as mystifying, as well.

In other news... no, wait. There IS no other news, there is just my Italian test in TWO HOURS.

Okay, no, I lie. JB was over last night, we watched Commander in Chief, Weeds, Kitchen Confidential and How I Met Your Mother. Tomorrow, after Research Design, we're coming back here to watch Alias. And tonight, tonight is Lost and that makes me happy, because my mom is picking me up after my test and driving me home and I get to watch my Hattrick match (part of it, anyways) and then LOST and yay.

Right, so I'm aware that Italian and TV are my entire life right now. Sue me.

Back to studying some irregular verbs and wondering why the hell I took Italian in the first place.

PS: If my parents didn't speak halfway decent Italian and I hadn't been able to speak Italian with them during, oh, I don't know, EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION I HAD with them this summer (it's funny, mom and I start out in Italian, degrade to French, end up in English and then say goodbye in French and Italian), then I would be SO MUCH MORE SCREWED for this class than I am now. As it is, I've used my Italian all summer, although not all that much (mostly first person and usually the present tense), but my parents corrected me on certain things all summer. I feel good about this, now. Hopefully the test will not blow away all my confidence.

Studio adesso! (I'm studying now!)


Oct. 5th, 2005 12:20 pm
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Buon giorno a tutti.

Mi sono svegliata a le undici. Adesso, c'e il mezzogiorno. Questo ho fatto nell'una ora? NIENTE. Ho letto il mio email, ho fatto qualche cose sul Hattrick... Ma niente importante.

Devo, veramente, cominciare a studiare l'italiano, perché oggi, ho un test d'italiano alle quattro e quindici.

Ho studiato un po' gia, ma devo sappere il presente, l'imperfetto e il passato prossimo. Anche, maschile e femminile, singolare e plurale, i numeri...

No ho pensato che ho imparato tanti di cosi, perché abbiamo gia imparato tutti l'anno scorso, ma ho molti cosi che ho dimenticato.

Spero che sta "post" non è troppo cattiva, e che non ha troppo d'errori.

Ciao, e a presto!


Good day to all.

I woke up at 11. Now, it's noon. What have I done in an hour? NOTHING. I read my email, did a couple things on Hattrick... But nothing important.

I must, really, start studying Italian, because today, I have a test at 4:15.

I've already studied some, but I have to know the present, the imperfect, and the past. Also, masculine and feminine, singular and plural, numbers...

I didn't think I'd learned that much, because we'd all already learned all this last year, but there are lots of things I'd forgotten.

Hope this post isn't too bad, and that it doesn't have too many errors.

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Italian. English.

Adjectives and univocal lipograms about skanks, cats, a glad man, Alaska, Canada, tramps and bastards.

Then off to C's. I told her I'd help her type up some old school papers she wants to archive (I know, I know.), so I went over, typed up stuff, had brownies, watched some bad television, laughed a lot and had a good time. She even paid for a cab ride home for me.

I'm really tired and have to meet T at the metro station nearest his place around 1-1:15 tomorrow.

Taking the metro is 12 stops (and a transfer to another line) one way and 13 stops (no transfers) the other way. I guess I'll just bring my iPod and go the thirteen stops in one go. Ooh, maybe I'll bring my camera and take pics of all the stations I stop at and go the other 12 stops with the transfer on my way back.

Or, you know, maybe I'll just doze.

Shower now. Maybe more to say later.


Sep. 26th, 2005 06:02 am
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How is it nearly six in the morning?

I've done my Italian homework, and have nearly finished my English homework, but I loathe what I've written for English.

We had to write a prose poem.

"The only requirement is that you write it in prose, using mostly simple sentences, putting the stress on objects that signify where this is taking place. Objects to SIGNIFY in the living room, for instance, not "in the living room"."

I think mine sucks. So I'm not printing it yet. Maybe I'll be wickedly inspired when I wake up in 7 hours.

One can hope, anyways.
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I need to reboot my computer (my soundcard is odd. I usually have to cold boot my laptop again, after turning it on, to get the sound to work.), but I'm currently downloading How I Met Your Mother -- the pilot of Alyson Hannigan's new show. I'm also keeping an eye out for Kitchen Confidential's pilot, starring Bradley Cooper and with ... wow, I totally blanked on Nicholas Brendan for a minute and nearly typed Xander Harris. Woo. Buffyverse habits die hard.

Weeds 1x07 is up for download, so I'll be grabbing that as soon as I reboot. Oh, I love this time of year. I watched Las Vegas' season premiere (and have a lot of questions) and now HIMYM and soon KC and then Weeds...


Enough TV. School was awesome today. I nailed a few things in Italian class (and I found a podcast I ADORE! Paolo in America! It's great, it's Italian, and I listen to it on my way to Italian so that I'll be in the right mindset for Italian.) and then went to English, where we were asked to REWRITE Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky.

That is, replace all the words that aren't "real" words with ones that ARE "real". So basically, I massacred Jabberwocky, and I have guilt for rewriting Lewis Carroll. That said, I don't think my version of Jabberwocky was all that bad. Hopefully. :)


Rebooting time! More later, doubtlessly.

I'm off.

Sep. 19th, 2005 03:27 pm
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Off to Italian, then English, and I REALLY hope I did my Italian homework right. I have no idea if I really was supposed to switch all the genders, but that's what I did, and I think I did that properly.

Downloaded a couple Italian podcasts and will listen to them on my way to class, to get in the Italian-speaking mindset.

Then English, which will be awesome, since we will be looking at Jabberwocky, which is one of my ALL TIME favourite poems.

He said, last week, that we would be translating it into English. The odd thing is, I've known this poem for nearly 20 years, so even though I logically know that there aren't words like "brillig" and "slithy toves" and "mimsy"... they're totally normal words to me now. I wonder if I'm at an advantage or a disadvantage for knowing this poem so well.
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And I have finished my Italian homework, finished my English homework and then spent TWO HOURS replying to Italian messages on Hattrick.

My intial "hey, help me practice my written Italian" turned into a thread of over 300 messages, and humour SO does not translate all that well between English and Italian, let me tell you, but it's fun. My fingers ACHE from all the writing, though, and my poor dictionary and verb book are going to be showing signs of wear and tear soon. ;)

Still, it's a lot of fun, if time consuming. Normally, I can wade through 30 messages in like, 15 minutes, 20 or so if I want to make a few replies. 30 messages in Italian takes me about an hour and a half to two hours. I AM NOT USED TO BEING SLOW. It irks me.

Anyways, TOTALLY bedtime now, 'cause I have to be up around 2ish to make sure I get to class on time.


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