Oct. 27th, 2004


Oct. 27th, 2004 05:14 pm
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I retract my previous statement about my school being a bunch of bastards when it comes to the wireless access.

Seems it was just glitchy, and I don't need a client program, and it all works fine again.

Got out of class early, stopped at the store (I have had a wicked craving for toasted tomato sandwiches lately...) and now I'm going to kick some website ass, because later, I need to finish mi composizione d'italiano.

I think the most frustrating thing about learning a language when you're, you know, not a kid, is that you realize you just don't have the words or expressions you want to use. I mean, I'm still thinking in English and translating to Italian, because I don't have all the words/verbs/etc to form long sentences. I can't remember a time in English when I didn't have as much (or more) vocabulary as I needed. French frustrates me, too, but only because I don't have the eloquence I can have in English. It's like... My English is 9 out of 10, say. But my French is only about a 6. I can communicate basics without trouble in French, but only the basic ideas. I lack the ability to talk in subtleties and such. Plus I still make grammar mistakes. :P

Italian, I'd put at a 2 right now. And the frustrating this is I know I'm at a 2. I am painfully aware of how much I do not know.

On the bright side, I did well on my midterm and a lot of the second page (where I only made three mistakes) was very instinctual for me. So maybe I'm getting the hang of it. Who knows?


Oct. 27th, 2004 11:41 pm
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The Boston Red Sox rule.

That is all there is to say.


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