Aug. 11th, 2004

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I changed my WinAmp skin. Instead of being Aquair Chimera, it's now Piper Halliwell. You may laugh, but I've had a crush on Holly Marie Combs since she was Kimberly Brock on Picket Fences. That predates my coming out to myself. I then changed my desktop to a snazzy Alias one from Mmm. Sydney Bristow. I like little changes like that. It's the big, life-altering changes I have issues with.


I spent something like two hours reinstalling and reconfiguring phpBB tonight. I hate phpBB and MySQL. Just so you know.


For the nth night in a row, I spent something like three hours chatting with someone I don't really know all that well. We get along really well, though. It's odd. And I convinced her to go see BNL on Saturday (she lives in Cincinnati), so that's a good deed done.


I spent half the night trying to write, then when I decided I wanted to go to bed, an idea sprung to mind. So I've been writing. I can be evil. No one should ever put me in charge of a TV show. I'd be like Joss Whedon to the characters. Mean! Maybe not killing Tara mean, but mean anyways.

I'm not done writing, and am quite enjoying All My Children fanfic. When I watched today's (well, Tuesday's) ep, I knew exactly what Jackson was going to say at a certain point. I said it, word-for-word with him on screen, as he said it, down to the term of endearment he used. Why I never thought of AMC fanfic before I discovered the BAMmers, I may never know.


I fucking love Calvin and Hobbes, and I love this cartoon for making me laugh out loud.


My great-aunt who died a few months back left everything to her sister, my grandmother. My grandmother received a cheque for $15,000 (Canadian) last week from my mom (the executor of my great-aunt's estate). My mom conservatively estimates that my grandmother will be getting about $150,000 from the estate. Cash.

My grandmother is, therefore, wanting to buy me a new laptop (primarily for school and stuff). I'm like... torn. On the one hand, OMFG, A NEW LAPTOP!!!!!! On the other, I don't want to take money from my nearly-86-year-old grandmother. Even if she has $15,000 she wasn't expecting to have. She says she wants to give her money away while she's alive, though, so I guess I'll accept her gift and get myself a new laptop. But on yet another hand, if I accept, say, $2000 for a new computer, wouldn't that be better spent paying off my debt? But if she specifically wants me to spend it on a laptop, is it at all right to pay off Pascal with it and then do damage to my Mastercard or Visa balances? Plus, no new laptop if I do that. Thoughts?


I'm rambling. Maybe I'll go to bed now anyways.


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