Jul. 30th, 2004

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Saw The Terminal with my grandmother today -- her first time at the Paramount movie theatre. She was impressed. And the movie wasn't bad, either (though not fantastic). Definitely wouldn't mind spending cash to rent it, if I hadn't seen it in theatres.


Came home to find my computer on, but my desktop background missing, and no programs running. Figured we had a power failure. Checked clocks in the apartment. Was wrong about a power failure.

Shrugged, sat down, tried to restore my background.

Drive D:\ was inaccessible.


I went to My Computer and Drives C, D and E were sitting there, like nothing was out of the ordinary. Except that D and E were my CDROM and my CDRW. D, E and F are normally my three partitions of my 80 GB drive, and the CDROM and CDRW are normally G and H.

The cold fear of data loss crept into my stomach. My computer was not recognizing my second HD for some reason.

"God," I said, "if you let my drive be okay, I promise to take advantage of it and back up the more important stuff. Tonight."

It appears that there is a God, and He is merciful indeed.

After opening up my computer and pushing down on the connections (and vaccuuming the metric tonne of dust there was in there!), my computer booted as per usual.

My problem is that I only had two blank CDs, so I only burned half of my raw pics directory. Let's hope it'll hold out 'till I steal some from my parents.


Had a driving lesson at 6. I proceeded to drive on a number of streets I regularly walk on or where my regular buses run by. And then we vanished by the mountain, going up and along and around on a street I'd never heard of before. Then, familiar territory, of sorts, in the form of Upper Westmount. With all the hills and turns, it was challenging, but apparently I'm gaining fluidity, so this is good.

We went down past my old school and, for once, instead of taking those infernal stairs to Sherbrooke, I actually took all those hairpin curves all the way down to Greene! Go me.

Along and up and along some more, past where I used to live as a kid, then up at the park and along to the dep and back home. No pedestrians injured, no cars damaged. Lesson #3 was a success, it appears. Next lesson is Tuesday at 6.


I'm a creature of habit. There are some things I do today (or that I keep the same, even today) that I did or had ten years ago. My voice mail code hasn't changed since November of 2000, for instance. My ATM card PIN is the same it's been since the day I got it. I don't like change.

I asked myself, today, why I keep my voice mail code the same. Is it because it's easy to remember? Not particularly. Is it because I'm used to it? I guess, but it's not like I couldn't change it tomorrow if I wanted to.

And then, it hit me. A minor epiphany.

Do I keep things the same in the hopes that if I do, if I'm ever-so-careful about keeping things the same, will she (and this is any of the shes I've been with/interested in over the last 10 years) come back?

Does that even make sense?

I was playing Zeus the other day, and put up an away message that my ex had created, specifically for playing that game. It's still there. I haven't touched it. She commented on it later on, and while I do think it's a really nifty combination of a Buffy quote and a functional away message that gives you an idea of what I'm doing, is it really still sitting in AIM because I like it or is it there because I subconsciously think "no, no, everything must remain the same and familiar in case she comes back"? That makes no sense on two levels.

1) If things didn't work out with me and W, X, Y or Z, keeping things the same can't be a good idea. If it's the SAME, things will go south again, no??
2) I don't particularly want to get back together or get involved with anyone I've fallen for over the last ten years.

But it seems to me that this unwillingness to change even the small things has at least a little bit to do with the women who have walked through my life. It's weird.

"And that," she said, as she removed that away message and changed her voice mail PIN, "isn't healthy, and means I should change, whether I like it or not."

Let's just hope I can remember my PIN and get into my voice mail tomorrow morning. (Note to self: think first address you lived at.)
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Am I the last person on the planet to realize that TERI HATCHER has a role on Desperate Housewives? (Which, by the way, is taking the Alias timeslot, at least for the fall.)

I'm sitting there watching All My Children today and I've seen the promos for DH before, so I wasn't really paying attention. But I guess the way one of the women moved or something looked familiar. Watching old episodes of Lois & Clark seems to have paid off, because I said to myself "WTF, is that Teri Hatcher? Nahhhhh. Couldn't be."

Later, I looked her up on IMDB to see what she's up to (she'll be 40 in December. Who knew that?!) and wouldn't you know it. Playing the role of Susan on Desperate Housewives.

Anyways, crazy, crazy. She doesn't look entirely like herself. I'm trying to decide if it's because she doesn't look entirely anorexic (with bad hair, as she did in the late L&C seasons) or if she's had some work done on her face. There's something bugging me about her eyes, but when it airs, I guess I'll figure it out.

Damn, and I thought I'd have my Sunday nights free 'till January! ;) Not that I'm complaining. Teri Hatcher. Back on my TV. Regularly. This is such a happy thing.

And because I love my Teri and my Dean, my Lois and my Clark, witness a new icon.


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