Jun. 21st, 2004

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So I was sitting there, at 2am, designing, making use of the Internet to inspire me for these stupid graphics I need to do for Crazy Website Woman's website, trying to research the right look, and the Internet dies on me.

On both my desktop and my laptop.

I gave it 15 minutes and called tech support, prepared to deal with the typical questions "did you reboot your computer? did you unplug your DSL modem? is your modem 12 inches from any electrical devices?" and was pleasantly surprised by the Eric-the-Tech, who informed me that the Montreal server had been rebooted.

"Okay, so is it going to come back up tonight or what?"

"Well, they rebooted it at about 3, so it should be back by 4 at the latest."

"Wait, wait. It's 2:20 now."

"Oh, sorry, I'm in Moncton! Yeah, three for you."

"Ah, okay, Eric, thanks."

I went and showered and 3:15 hit without the server being back up.

Since my work was being impeded (couldn't access her site, couldn't access other sites, couldn't access image sites, etc, etc), I said screw it, and went to bed.

I got up four times to hit snooze on my backup alarm, and around 9:15, finally got out of bed for the day. Been working since. (More or less.)

I've accomplished a lot of junk and she's just going to have to deal, because she's complicating stuff unnecessarily by asking for half these changes.

Frankly, I will HAPPILY foist her on to anyone who wants to deal with her crap, complete with my PSDs and anything else I have, so I don't care if she tells me I'm too slow or whatever else she might complain about. So let me know if you want to take on a CRAZY WOMAN with not much cash to spare. She's yours if only you ask. ;)

And now to watch The Bianca and Maggie Show, er, All My Children.


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