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"Italian? Not today."

I am blowing off Italian. I woke up at 2:45, was on the phone for a bit, and then remembered, in a panic, that I have to bring in some of my creative writing to class today.


Insert the reason why I am never going to be a good writer: I am far, FAR too sensitive about what I write.

Off to write a couple mails before I get ready and go to English.
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I had an Italian composition due for today. Naturally, I started it at like, 2:30 this morning.

In reading it over this afternoon, I shocked the hell out of myself.

In French and Italian, and likely other latin languages, too, you have to accord things with gender and number. That's to say, you not only have to make sure the person knows the thing you're talking about is plural, but also that it's masculine or feminine.


I went -> Je suis allée -> Sono andata

When you read "I went", you don't know if "I" is male or female. In French and Italian, you know that.

In groups:

We went -> Nous sommes allées -> Sono andate

You know immediately in French and Italian that the "we" is a group comprised entirely of women.

It's handy.

I SUCK at the accords. Like, really. My entire life, I have sucked horribly at according things with gender and number.

Last night, at 2:30 in the morning, I did it properly no less than six times in my composition. Even in the past tense, when you don't always have to accord it, I DID IT PROPERLY.

Frankly, I'm stunned at my brilliance in the middle of the night. It made revising it a lot easier.

Okay, I must dash. Bus comes soon, then class, then back here for a nap, perhaps, before talking to P and watching Lost and writing.
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Italian. English.

Adjectives and univocal lipograms about skanks, cats, a glad man, Alaska, Canada, tramps and bastards.

Then off to C's. I told her I'd help her type up some old school papers she wants to archive (I know, I know.), so I went over, typed up stuff, had brownies, watched some bad television, laughed a lot and had a good time. She even paid for a cab ride home for me.

I'm really tired and have to meet T at the metro station nearest his place around 1-1:15 tomorrow.

Taking the metro is 12 stops (and a transfer to another line) one way and 13 stops (no transfers) the other way. I guess I'll just bring my iPod and go the thirteen stops in one go. Ooh, maybe I'll bring my camera and take pics of all the stations I stop at and go the other 12 stops with the transfer on my way back.

Or, you know, maybe I'll just doze.

Shower now. Maybe more to say later.


Sep. 26th, 2005 06:02 am
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How is it nearly six in the morning?

I've done my Italian homework, and have nearly finished my English homework, but I loathe what I've written for English.

We had to write a prose poem.

"The only requirement is that you write it in prose, using mostly simple sentences, putting the stress on objects that signify where this is taking place. Objects to SIGNIFY in the living room, for instance, not "in the living room"."

I think mine sucks. So I'm not printing it yet. Maybe I'll be wickedly inspired when I wake up in 7 hours.

One can hope, anyways.


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