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Elections went well! Sort of.

There are three main parties at the provincial level in Quebec; this is up from 2.

Liberals - left-center party, moving to the right more though, since the leader was a conservative at the federal level for years, non-separatists
Parti Quebecois - leftish party, with an openly gay leader, but wants to separate from Canada
ADQ/Action Democratique de Quebec - more rightish than the Liberals, don't particularly want to separate

We've had the Liberals in power since April of 2003. Prior to that, we had nearly 10 years of the PQ, including the referendum in 1995 whereupon every citizen of Quebec voted either yes or no -- to secede or not to secede. The No side won with something like 50.8% of the votes, so we stayed in Canada. YAY!!! It was my first vote. I was very happy.

So anyways, one of the big campaign things the PQ does is promise a referendum, essentially.

This is when people tend to flee Quebec. I'm not kidding. Land value plummets, people sell their houses for 1/4 less than they could normally get, people get the hell out of Quebec before it separates.

I stay. I fight. But anyways.

The results of the election this Monday:

Liberals - 48 seats
ADQ - 41 seats
PQ - 36 seats

That means we have a minority government in Quebec, and will likely have another election within a year or two, but it means the Liberals are in overall power and the PQ is NOT. No referendum for the foreseeable future, no threat of separation for now, just some squabbling up at the National Assembly. (The provincial equivalent of the House of Commons.)

So... yay! :)

One day...

Mar. 26th, 2007 07:24 am
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One day, I will get to bed at a reasonable hour on the night before I go to work at the polls on election day.

That did not happen today, of course. But I do plan to work at the polls pretty much every time I'm able to, so maybe someday in the future, eh?

Think happy, non-separatist thoughts today for my province, please. We're having a provincial election and the threat of a referendum on separation looms if the Parti Quebecois gets into power, as per usual. So even though the provincial Liberals suck ass and Jean Charest is a twit, they're still our best chance of staying in Canada for at least the next 3-5 years.

Gotta love politics, eh? :P

On another note, I love how I just got my ass out of bed now after my alarms have been going off since 6:45am. The words "It's just another few minutes" seem to justify hitting snooze when one is sleep-deprived.

Must find something to wear and must make myself sandwiches and prepare snacks and then go catch the bus. At least this year the poll boxes will be at the polling station, so I don't have to go lugging that anywhere.

... really, someone needs to drug me at about 8pm the night before the next election, 'kay?
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Well. It's been an interesting few days.

First of all, the election results. We have a Conservative government in Canada now. Except it's a weaker government than the Liberal minority we just had. See, in Canada, we have Parliament, right, and the Prime Minister is the head of the party that has the most seats in Parliament. There are 308 seats to be won in Parliament, so if the party has 155 or more seats, it's called a majority government, because that party with 155 or more seats gets to basically overrule everyone and pass whatever bills they want.

The Liberals had 133 seats, so when the Conservatives, the Bloc Quebecois and the NDP (New Democratic Party) all voted together, they toppled the government, leading to this election.

WELL, hahaha! The Conservatives got 124 seats, the Liberals got 103 seats, the Bloc got 51 and the NDP got 29, and an independent got a seat. So the Conservatives got an even WEAKER government than the one they just toppled. Mwahaha. And since the Libs, the Bloc and the NDP are all further to the left than the Tories, I think same-sex marriage is currently safe.

That's about all the good news.

My poll clerk was incompetant. Due to her stupidity, I thought I'd lost three ballots. Do you know how bad it would be to have lost three ballots? If my numbers don't add up, I DON'T GET TO GO HOME.

In the end, it was just that she'd forgotten to tick off three people as having voted once they put their ballots in the box, but that's half her job. She was supposed to cross out the names as I handed them a ballot and tick them off as they deposited the ballot in the box. IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, PEOPLE.

Anyways. 15 hours, I was there. And I came home to Stephen FREAKING Harper as my Prime Minister.

But then I went out and picked up JB from her polling station (how I WISH she'd been my poll clerk!), then we got ice cream, picked up some of her stuff from her place, came back here, ate ice cream and didn't watch Stephen Harper's speech. No, instead, out of protest, we turned off the TV and watched The L Word.

Blew off Anthro the next day, but made it to Italian.

I slept for 13 hours, last night.

It was lovely.

What is not lovely: Italian test tomorrow. Whee. On four tenses, three of which I can barely use in French, plus some other... things. Eesh. Wish me luck.

At least that's going to be followed up by TV with JB. :)


Jan. 23rd, 2006 07:26 am
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Well, I slept for shit. I got to bed too late and the barometric pressure DROPPED LIKE A ROCK between midnight and 4am, while the humidity rose, causing me to wake up with a bad headache around 4:30 (and I was possibly awake when [ profile] drsnicket called me, which was weird on its own!), so I took some Tylenol and then proceeded to toss and turn and only doze until my alarm went off at 7.

I think it's a natural law that I have to be tired on election day. Hopefully, adrenaline will kick in and I won't be so wiped out later on.

Gah, I have to leave in just under an hour. Time to get cracking.

(Pray for any kind of results barring a Conservative majority government, please. Thank you.)


Jan. 22nd, 2006 04:14 pm
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I am done putting together the ballot box for tomorrow's elections. That included putting in my riding and my poll number on various pieces of paper and envelopes, counting the FIVE HUNDRED ballots, putting the box together (silly little cardboard thing), putting everything into the box, sealing the box with two seals and making sure I didn't leave anything OUT of the box (although that's less dire now than it will be tomorrow night).

Everything's good.

My poll clerk was at the Elections Canada office today and they CALLED me and informed me that my poll clerk wanted to talk to me. This is because I hadn't yet called her up, although I was going to do that right after I inventoried the box. Well, had I not asked for my poll clerk's name and number on Friday when I got the box, I wouldn't have even known who the hell she was, so whatever.

She sounds elderly, as I predicted. 70s or so. Her husband is also working at the polls, in the same polling area, but not at the same station.

JB should have had her training today. I suspect she'll be a poll clerk, and I curse that she's not mine. I hope she winds up being at my area, but since my riding is a large one, I doubt she will be. Alas. Well, at least I (probably) won't be working near Scarianne again, like in 2004. Gah to my brother's ex. And, so help me, if I am working in the same place as her again, I'm going to request to work in a different riding next time. :P

I'm working at the same area that I would have voted at had I not already voted in advance. This means that I'm going to see everyone from my building voting tomorrow just a few tables over, including my grandmother, which will be nice.

I'm somewhat nervous, but only about the day, not the election itself. That's the good thing about working at the polls -- you don't tend to think of the election as a whole until after you hand in your results (which is around 10-10:30pm, after you've been there since 8:30am) and then you're like "HOLY CRAP, who are they predicting to win??!!"

This year, I'll have a car, so I'll be able to drive myself there in the morning and back home at night, so I can get the election results before they actually predict a winner. Hm. If JB is at my polling area, maybe she'll want to come over afterwards for the results and then I could drive her home... or she could spend the night, I don't know. Hm, hm. Well, I'll have to wait to hear from her.

Uh, okay, enough of that.

To do today:

- go to the drugstore
- go to the grocery store
- get car
- do laundry

Hm. It might be worth it to get the car FIRST and THEN go to the stores... But it all depends on my parents and when I get the car. And laundry, ugh, I can't wear jeans. So I have to wash the black slacks I've got and wear those tomorrow. At least they're not terribly uncomfortable.

Okay, after talking to my brother, that's all cleared up, I'm getting the car tonight, so everything else has to be done first.
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I have a mid-term exam at 6pm. I have two classes before that. Oh, the joy that is school.

So, here's some random stuff for you that is mostly unrelated to stats and research design.

- I'd forgotten how unflattering that scene with Xander is in the S7 episode with him being suspended over the seal. Ew, Xander. Ew.
- A good Friends episode is still funny, even after the fifth viewing of an episode.
- Even a relatively good Angel episode is, in contrast, not so funny, or good, after first viewing. Unless it has Darla or Dru in it.
- Lost keeps making me ask questions and doesn't give me enough answers.
- I apparently want to name a future daughter of mine Isabelle, like a certain SpyCouple who will always find each other. Go figure.
- I voted last Saturday and it was the first time in my life that I didn't vote Liberal. I voted NDP.
- I felt mildly dirty for voting NDP.
- I felt ashamed for voting NDP when I realized that the NDP candidate in JB's riding (the next one over) is the same crazy ass man who has a cottage just down the road from my parents, who is a TOTAL AND UTTER SEPARATIST who looks down on my family because we're anglos.
- I still managed to tell a good story about it to JB.

And, finally, more election fun...

If you're Canadian, GO VOTE on Monday. Find your voter registration card to make sure the information is right. If it's not, or if you don't have a voter registration card, check with Elections Canada to make sure you're registered to vote. All the information you need is right here.

I saw Jack Layton, head of the NDP, on The National on Tuesday night. He kind of dodged some questions, he kind of pushed his own platform more than answering questions, but he said one thing that really hit me. Peter Mansbridge was asking Layton about ridings that Layton knew the NDP had no chance in, if people should vote strategically, to vote Liberal to prevent the Conservatives from getting in.

And Jack Layton said that there was only one way to make a difference, basically, and that was with your vote. The NDP got 1 million votes in 2000, I think it was. They got 2 million votes in 2004. He encouraged people to go out there and vote for the party they want to win, because it doesn't have to be about voting for the lesser of two evils (the Tories or the Liberals). It can be about voting for a party that you think will do the best job. All it takes is for enough people to think that way.

That was really cool. I know that my riding is Liberal. It will always be Liberal. But I voted NDP, and because of that, there is a small chance that the NDP will have one more seat in the House of Commons.

We can all make a difference. Every single vote counts. Every single vote is important. Everyone has a say, and Canadians will be heard on Monday, January 23rd, when they go out and vote.

So go. Vote. Make a difference. Make your voice heard.

... I gotta study a bit more and then go to bed for a few short hours. More tomorrow.

Hoo, boy.

Nov. 29th, 2005 09:47 am
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So the Conservatives, the Bloc Quebecois and the NDP all voted against the Liberals in a no-confidence vote tabled yesterday in Parliament.

Parliament has fallen. The Prime Minister is asking the Governor General to dissolve Parliament. There will be elections in January.

I am saying right now, barring any miraculous scandals, that we will wind up with a Conservative minority government.

This annoys me. A lot.

I am further annoyed by the fact that regardless of who I vote for, my current Liberal MP is going to get in, because my riding is Liberal, has always been Liberal and always will be Liberal. Which is okay, except when the Liberals have this whole sponsorship scandal thing going on.

I am even further annoyed by the fact that the NDP has no support in Quebec. It's either the Bloc (and I will not waste my vote by voting for those separatist pigs!) or the Liberals. And while I'm glad that the Liberals brought in same-sex marriage, they were nowhere near as enthusiastic about it as the NDP was. The NDP didn't give their members the option -- vote for it, or else. The Liberals had a free vote, as did the Bloc.

I'm kind of all... well, at a loss when it comes down to it. I don't know who to vote for, because my major issue has, you know, been resolved. It definitely comes down to the NDP and the Liberals, though, but I still don't know what I'm going to do. But I will vote, as should everyone in EVERY SINGLE ELECTION, because it all MATTERS!


And I am definitely going to work as a Deputy Returning Officer again, because DAMN ME, that's an amazing experience. :)

And yes, it's quarter to ten in the morning and I am awake. I've been up since 9. My DSL light is still flickering and someone's gonna get an earful if it's not fixed by noon.

That is all.
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I actually got to sleep for about nine hours, which was delightful.

So weird were the dreams I had.

See, I have two main things to accomplish today; I must finish my essay for English and I must go to the bank to cash a cheque, which is in American funds. The former just requires a little time, the latter requires going into the bank and dealing with a teller, instead of, you know, using the ATM at any hour of the day or night.

And this needs to be done today, before I go to class. Basically, in the next two hours, I have to finish my essay, print it, shower and leave for the bank. (Really, I should have woken up earlier.)

All of this was incorporated into my dream, along with my friend PF. I dreamt I was in Ottawa with her (this is where she lives) and she was showing me her new apartment (she doesn't have a new apartment, BTW), and it got dark out and I'd been in the US (perhaps collecting my cheque in US funds?) already that day and now I was in Ontario and, dammit, all I wanted to do was to get home to Quebec.

P had me go to the grocery store to pick up sour cream. And milk. And I was looking for a bank, but they were closed, but there was an InstaCheque branch that was supposedly open, and I couldn't find it.

It ended up with P meeting her husband for dinner at a restaurant in a nearby mall while I wandered, looking for some method of cashing my cheque, and wishing to GET THE HELL out of Ontario.

I was almost grateful when my alarm went off.

In other news, Montreal had municipal elections yesterday. My grandmother (who lives in the same building I do) and I went to go vote, thanks to a lift from my dad. The thing about municipal elections is that it's a crapshoot. I didn't know anything about the candidates. I voted for the previous mayor as mayor of my little city-to-be (instead of being a borough, we're getting our city back!) and he lost to some young whippersnapper who's barely older than I am. The councilmember? Out of the four names on the list, I voted for the one who stopped by my apartment and left a flyer with "Sorry I missed you. -- Sam" handwritten on it because it was the only one I knew.

I love voting, I love elections, but municipal elections leave me unsatisfied.

Okay. Back to my essay, then shower, bank, Italian, English and possibly dinner with CR.

Oh. And I'm a-goin' to the hockey game again tomorrow! :D


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