Oct. 31st, 2009 10:04 am
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So, due to my friend SY and [ profile] trexphile, I started watching Castle earlier this week.

I have now watched 13 episodes. In like, 3 days.

And, shockingly, I was really enjoying it! I still AM really enjoying it, except that it's finally happened -- I had nightmares. Which is why I'm sort of conscious at 9:41am.

I had a very long, convoluted dream about Harvard vs. Yale, the Barenaked Ladies and the Red Dwarf crew, ALL of which was pivotal to a murder that my friend SY and I were trying to solve.

Seriously, overactive imagination.

That said, I've watched all of Season 1 and three episodes of Season 2. I love the guest stars. No joke, my hand to God, that's one of my favourite parts of the whole show.

So far, I've seen:
- Tina from The L Word (Laurel Holloman)
- Candace (the carpenter) from The L Word (Ion Overman)
- Ben from Queer as Folk (Robert Gant)
- The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager (Robert Picardo)
- Chip from Kate and Allie (Fred Koehler)
- Homer from The Simpsons (Dan Castellanetta)
- Martha Kent from Lois & Clark (K Callan)
- Adam from Ellen (Arye Gross)
- the dad from Life Goes On (apparently his name was Drew Thatcher on the show) (Bill Smitrovich)

And that doesn't even count Susan Ruttan, who I know just because L.A. Law used to be huge back in the day, even if I never watched it.

No joke, btw, I recognized all of their names in the credits, except Smitrovich, who I recognized when I saw him. Even Fred Koehler, who played a kid in Kate and Allie. From the 1980s. I'm aware that it's more than a little sad. :P

Interestingly, I HAD NO IDEA Dan Castellanetta looks shockingly like Armin Shimmerman...

Anyways, I'm going to try to get back to sleep without nightmares, now. :P


Apr. 1st, 2009 10:09 am
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Awake, not because I want to be, but because my head hurts.

And possibly because I dreamt about a combination of Lost, Guiding Light and the Barenaked Ladies. OH, and Survivor (which I haven't watched in YEARS) and How I Met Your Mother. And Real Life. W. T. F.

No, seriously. I was on a raft (? Small boat?) with Sawyer (mmmmmmm) and Locke and my brother and we made it back to the island (we had been in a city. Because I have this memory of Ted from HIMYM stopping by various apartments in search of something to do with my grandmothers...? And I yelled at Olivia from GL and told her to stop shoving Natalia into Frank's arms. /facepalm) where we show up to some ecstatic people we haven't seen, said I to Sawyer and my brother, since Season 1.

And guess who's playing on the island? Like, on the beach, not far away? That's right. BNL. Without Steve. And so they didn't sing Brian Wilson and I was both sad and happy about that.

Geez, no wonder I have a headache.

Crazy dream shit aside, it is April Fool's (and none of that was false, nor is anything else I'm going to say here) but it's also the start of National Poetry Month. If you want, and I am quoting, "to receive a delicious, hand-picked poem every day during April", then go sign up here:

Enjoy a little bit of culture that arrives in your inbox daily. :)


Jun. 8th, 2008 02:21 pm
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Dreamt I was still with RK.

<shudders violently>

It was very weird, we were downtown, shopping, and I kept catching glimpses of my mother, so I was urging us along so we could get the hell away from my mom, because I don't think Mom knew RK was visiting. Mom eventually caught up with us and was very polite and cordial and, of course, somewhat disapproving, but RK never did see that, not in my dream and not IRL, because she didn't know my Mom very well. I, however, could hear all the fake laughs and see the strained smiles. I do hate that about my Mom.

After shopping for a bit, we went up to my old school to drop off tax (???) stuff, and apparently [ profile] shiningmoon was a teacher there? That was kind of weird, too. :)

Woke up going "huh, it was nice to see [ profile] shiningmoon!" and then 'bout fell over when I remembered the RK bits.

In other news, it is 30 and feels like it's 38. That's 85F/100F. I need to get my fan out here in the living room, because this is ridiculous. We went from it being like, 10C overnight a few days ago to it being 30. Seriously. WTF.
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I actually got to sleep for about nine hours, which was delightful.

So weird were the dreams I had.

See, I have two main things to accomplish today; I must finish my essay for English and I must go to the bank to cash a cheque, which is in American funds. The former just requires a little time, the latter requires going into the bank and dealing with a teller, instead of, you know, using the ATM at any hour of the day or night.

And this needs to be done today, before I go to class. Basically, in the next two hours, I have to finish my essay, print it, shower and leave for the bank. (Really, I should have woken up earlier.)

All of this was incorporated into my dream, along with my friend PF. I dreamt I was in Ottawa with her (this is where she lives) and she was showing me her new apartment (she doesn't have a new apartment, BTW), and it got dark out and I'd been in the US (perhaps collecting my cheque in US funds?) already that day and now I was in Ontario and, dammit, all I wanted to do was to get home to Quebec.

P had me go to the grocery store to pick up sour cream. And milk. And I was looking for a bank, but they were closed, but there was an InstaCheque branch that was supposedly open, and I couldn't find it.

It ended up with P meeting her husband for dinner at a restaurant in a nearby mall while I wandered, looking for some method of cashing my cheque, and wishing to GET THE HELL out of Ontario.

I was almost grateful when my alarm went off.

In other news, Montreal had municipal elections yesterday. My grandmother (who lives in the same building I do) and I went to go vote, thanks to a lift from my dad. The thing about municipal elections is that it's a crapshoot. I didn't know anything about the candidates. I voted for the previous mayor as mayor of my little city-to-be (instead of being a borough, we're getting our city back!) and he lost to some young whippersnapper who's barely older than I am. The councilmember? Out of the four names on the list, I voted for the one who stopped by my apartment and left a flyer with "Sorry I missed you. -- Sam" handwritten on it because it was the only one I knew.

I love voting, I love elections, but municipal elections leave me unsatisfied.

Okay. Back to my essay, then shower, bank, Italian, English and possibly dinner with CR.

Oh. And I'm a-goin' to the hockey game again tomorrow! :D
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Iron bars may, or may not, make a prison. Iron hearts, though, most certainly do. When we toughen up, when we close off, when we shut down, when we lock our emotions away, we become terribly trapped. It can take us years to even realise quite how entrenched we have become, or how counterproductive our self-defence mechanisms actually are. There's now a new planet in the sky and a new spirit abroad on the earth. In your life it will manifest as a new wave of inspiration.

From Jonathan Cainer.

Is it just me, or is he telling me that it's cool to open up my heart? I swear, he's got video cameras and is watching my life. The new wave of inspiration he's talking about is easily linked to my newfound realization that the important part is the caring about others -- not necessarily how those emotions are demonstrated.

Although, I have to say this thing about the new planet, Xena. (How awesome would it be if it were really, truly called Xena, officially?!) Technically, Xena's been up there for EONS. Has Xena not been influencing our lives this whole time? It's not a NEW planet, it's a newly DISCOVERED planet, and I think the way Cainer (no matter how right-on he is these days) is harping on the fact that it's a "new" planet and is a "new spirit" and is "newly influencing" us is utter BS. I mean, I'm not particularly into horoscopes, although I've been reading my horoscope a lot, lately (which is entirely JB's influence), but could he at least be logical about the influence of the planet? I know, I know. Asking someone to be logical about the influence of a PLANET on my own life is kind of out there to begin with, but anyways.


JB spent the night and woke me up at 10:50 or so to see if I wanted to go to breakfast with her (I'd asked her to check with me) and we sat on my bed and talked for a little bit, but I felt pretty blah, with another potentially bad headache. I decided not to push it and told her I thought I'd just go back to sleep to feel better, and she totally understood, and got up and went to get ready to leave. And then I got up to go get Tylenol, because OW.

She left around 11:30 and I went back to bed and finally fell back to sleep until I woke up around 2. I now feel more human, am in much less pain, but I'm still tired and I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO WORK.

... oh my God, maybe my shift has been cancelled!!! <calls to check!>

Rats. Work for all BI (bilingual -- what I am) and AN (English) workers starts at 5. Well, that's good, at least, because it means that we might have a short shift, and it should be mostly English work. The French-only speakers are the ones who got their shifts cancelled.

Ah, well. At least my paycheque will be substantially larger in two weeks than it was this week. $215, because of the fact I missed a day of work that I didn't make up in the same pay period (when I went to Just For Laughs and scheduled to make it up last Friday, but then had a migraine, and now I'm making it up today) and because we got let off work early ... not this past Sunday, I don't think, but the Sunday before. Yep, the previous Sunday, I got off at 7:15 instead of 9.

I am feeling extremely lazy, but I must get off the couch and get dressed very soon, because my bus comes by at 4:06pm. Whee.

Oh, and my productivity score is TOTALLY going to go way up, too. It was at 11 on Sunday, 12 on Monday and 14 on Wednesday. Then, on Wednesday, I did eight (nine?) complete surveys (~2/hour) compared to the average of ~1.33/hour. I expect my score to be somewhere around 18 or so. :D

(The score is a number from -50 to +50. 0 is the average. You are compared to the average of people working on the same project as you. To get out of training, you need -10 or higher. I had +27 at the time. My lowest ever was -14 and that was in the first three days I was working. It then moved to -2 or something and I haven't dropped into the negatives since. Aw, yeah, I rock at this job. ;))

I don't feel like getting ready, so I'll inform you all that I had a very odd dream regarding online relationships when I went back to bed. And it sucked so much that I woke up before my alarm and, despite my fatigue, I wanted to stay awake to keep from dreaming that dream again.


Plans for the week:

Tonight: work, home, Research Methods
Tomorrow: Research Methods, going out with friends in the evening
Sunday: Work, Research Methods
Monday: Research Methods, work, more RM
Tuesday: RM, then class (giving a presentation)
Wednesday: Much work on RM to finish my overall project, then work, then more RM
Thursday: Finishing my overall project, then class
Friday: SLEEP. And possibly the cottage for the weekend. It's the Perseids that weekend, after all.

Ugh, that depresses me. The only good thing is that I'll see JB at least twice over the next week.

Okay. Must go get ready. Bus leaves in 25 minutes.


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