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Papers. So much work. Hating this time of year. Wish it could be the 19th already and all my work was handed in and all my exams were written.

Haven't watched any TV in a couple weeks. I don't even know if there HAS been TV to watch. I'd like that writer's strike to be settled, even if I don't have time to watch anything right now.

Classes are over for the term. One more semester to go and I'll be a university graduate. Shocking.

Anyways. Back to my never-ending paper. Have I mentioned I hate this?

Happy Hanukkah too, BTW.
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Painful week upcoming, with a major Italian test on Thursday and a paper for Sociology of the Media due, oh yes, ON THURSDAY.

Advice to university students interested in writing during NaNoWriMo -- don't also be in your last year and don't have any other online distractions or communities. Seriously.

I plan to get my paper done by Wednesday and spend all Wednesday night studying for Italian.

Of course, this means knowing what my paper will be about, apart from the somewhat vague impression of doing topic #1 (something to do with blogging? I think?). Off to do that. Whee.
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And you all know what THAT means. That's right! It's "oh crap oh crap oh crap, I shouldn't have ever wasted any moment of time in the last 16 weeks because now it's finals and term papers and presentations and no more sleep for me!" time.

I need to finish memorizing my lines for the play I'm in on Monday evening (it's not a "real" play, but we still have to run through the show -- all five pages of it -- to get a mark, and yes. I'm one of the actors.) and write a character biography that's one page. I'm not remotely concerned about writing one page. :P

I also need to write a Soci of Lit paper that is 8-10 pages.

For Tuesday.

I did mention that I, you know, am in a PLAY tomorrow night, right??

And then Friday is my chemistry exam.

And next Monday, I have to hand in 1-page reviews of two plays I've seen during the semester. I just saw my first one today (Sunday) and will have to see another this week. I'm looking at next weekend.

Anyways. I am definitely alive, but definitely stressed.

And possibly over caffeinated.

OH. And if you're not watching Tina Fey's show 30 Rock, you are ENTIRELY missing out. Not only does she continue to be so very brilliant and funny and downright HOT, but the cast is amazing, too. The writing is hysterical. I love it. It's my favourite new show of this season, beating out Heroes by a smidgen. What the hell, is NBC suddenly doing something right??

Aaaaaaaaaand, I had like, 6000 words for this year's NaNo attempt, so there were no posts, you are not missing anything, it was crap. I am, however, thinking of writing more in my 2004 NaNo, which is one of the ones I actually liked. But not gonna write right now, obviously. :P

Hoo boy.

Apr. 12th, 2006 03:37 pm
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So, classes ended yesterday. I think I have had my last Italian class of my undergraduate career, which makes me moderately sad, but not terribly upset, either. I've hit the point where the dragging down of my GPA is making me more unhappy than learning the language any better is making me happy. 2 years, 4 semesters... good enough for now.

I have a review class for my research design class tonight, from 6-8, then JB is coming over, I think. Maybe. She's supposed to call me and confirm.

And here's the panic-inducing schedule for the next ten days.

- assignment for 410 (research design) done for (hopefully tonight) tomorrow
- final assignment for 403 (contemporary cultural theory) done by Saturday to hand in Tuesday
- Sunday - Easter with the family + extended family from Toronto. Maybe ask parents Italian questions?
- Study for Anthropology on Easter Monday, incl. study notes.
- Tuesday and Wednesday, work on final project for 410, putting into practice the stuff I'm supposed to know for the exam, review notes for Anthro exam.
- Thursday, 9am: Anthro exam
- Thursday, 7pm: 410 exam
- Friday, study Italian.
- Saturday, 9am: Italian exam

Looking at that makes me want to cry. I have to squeeze in more Italian studying and more 410 studying in there, somewhere.

Breathing is good. Breathing is good. <deep breaths>

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I am stressed and busy and am questioning why the hell I'm in school, because am I not too old for this crap anyways?!

On that note, back to my regression assignment.


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