Feb. 5th, 2009 04:58 am
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Can someone explain to me why I have these crazy urges to:

- write
- shave my legs
- play The Sims

every single time I have a test or paper or something? Because it never, ever fails.

I haven't even played The Sims in like, 4 years. I do shave my legs more regularly than that, but it's this compulsion to do so as a method of procrastination. WTF?


Apr. 24th, 2006 02:01 am
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Put your music player on "random" and write down your favourite line from the first 25 songs to come up. Then let everyone on your friends list try to name them. Google is cheating.

Let me just say this in my defense -- I have 1247 songs and I don't listen to more than half of them on a regular basis. Many are albums friends have given me or I've burned for friends/family. Also, oh, the SHAME. (I'm excluding instrumentals.)

1) Now when did you last let your heart decide? Aladdin, A Whole New World - [ profile] slammerkinbabe
2) We were looking for ourselves / but found each other BNL, In the Car -
[ profile] erbie
3) Twisting and turning / Your feelings are burning Red Hot Chili Peppers, Breaking the Girl - [ profile] llnaughty
4) If we make it back / I'll renounce Jack Kerouac / And all that romantic crap BNL, Baby Seat - [ profile] erbie
5) Deliver you from evil, spare your innocence and youth
6) If I get home before daylight, / I just might get some sleep tonight. Counting Crows cover of Friend of the Devil - [ profile] mtgat
7) Don't be shy let everyone or me at least inside
8) Lì anche la notte è meno oscura
9) I'm not trying to cause a big sensation / I'm just talkin' 'bout my generation Oasis cover of The Who, My Generation - [ profile] erbie
10) get a real job, that's what they said to me Good Charlotte, The Anthem - [ profile] tapdancinghippo
11) Size of the entire universe man They Might Be Giants, Particle Man - [ profile] mtgt (honourary mention to [ profile] shiningmoon)
12) I will be strong I will be faithful / 'cause I'm counting on a new beginning.
13) While I, with human-hindered eyes
14) When your man / Wanna get buckwild
15) After all that's what this country was founded on / Do nothing different just fall in line. SR-71, Politically Correct - [ profile] tapdancinghippo
16) I know your address / I ring the bell BNL, Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank - [ profile] erbie
17) It’s easier to believe in this sweet madness Sarah McLachlan, Angel - [ profile] erbie
18) Now they pan and scan / And edit out the everyman
19) Down my road, will it lead to you? / I just can't turn, you walk away
20) You can call me Pavlov's dog / Ring a bell and I'll salivate BNL, Brian Wilson - [ profile] erbie
21) When everybody loves you, son, that's just about as funky as you can be Counting Crows, Mr. Jones - [ profile] erbie
22) I'm dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep Simon and Garfunkel, Feelin' Groovy - [ profile] erbie
23) Small and white, clean and bright Sound of Music, Edelweiss - [ profile] slammerkinbabe
24) Love is a temple / Love the higher law U2, One - [ profile] erbie
25) Oh I'm never speaking up again / Starting now / One more thing...
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Was just reading the news and read a story about the Prime Minister going to Afghanistan. And I was surprised when they referred to him as "Harper". It's been nearly two months and I still cannot believe that Stephen Harper is my Prime Minister.


I've slept for 3.5 hours and I'm working to finish this stupid response by 1, so I can be half an hour late to class. A nap is in order, after class.

Also, my stomach is moderately upset.

That is all.


Mar. 13th, 2006 06:20 am
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Dude. There's this huge apartment building that totally obscures the view outside my living room window.

It is SO foggy here this morning that I can't even see its outline. I can barely see across the street!

Okay, shutting up and going back to papering.
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In the last hour, instead of working on my assignment for Research Design & Analysis, I have...

  • turned off my desktop machine, picked up the monitor and set it on the floor.
  • cleaned the top of my desk.
  • dragged my speakers back to the desk.
  • placed my laptop (which is my primary computer) on the desk for the first time in months.
  • updated my copy of iTunes.

    And lots more stuff, but those are the highlights.

    It's weird. I like the class, I like what I'm learning in the class, but I loathe what I have to do FOR the class.


    I'm not planning on sleeping tonight. I'm going to get this done for 8am, leave the house, go to school, drop off the assignment, come back by 9ish, sleep until 2:30, go to Italian, Creative Process, then come home and sleep a reasonable amount of time.
  • Hm.

    Oct. 4th, 2005 03:45 am
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    The bonus, I suppose, to your torrents taking forever is that, short of sleep, the only thing besides cleaning that I could really do is study for my Italian test.

    Non voglio studiare o dormire, allora devo pulire ancora.

    (I don't want to study or sleep, so I must clean more.)

    The guest room is spic'n'span. The bathroom will do, although I should clean the tub. Hm. Perhaps I shall shave my legs before I clean the tub. This would be intelligent...

    Then the kitchen, the living room and my room.

    Somewhere in there, I am granting myself a 42 minute break to watch Las Vegas, which should have finished by then. Yep, 57 minutes to go.

    (I am so THRILLING, aren't I?? ;))
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    I cannot believe I'm still working on something for Research Methods that was due on June 16th. (I did hand it in, partly done, but I seem to have mostly avoided it for the last two months.)

    Probably not sleeping tonight. Would be nice to nap from 11am-4pm or so, though.

    As my last official act of procrastination for the night:

    A 5 Things Meme )

    Back to work. (Had a regular shift at the job tonight. 51 minutes on the phone with an 83 year old retired nurse does NOT a fun evening make. Stupid shingles.)

    Grr. Argh!

    Jul. 26th, 2005 05:17 am
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    Armed with a Coke, having been refreshed by my shower, I am currently wearing a green face mask (must keep up my "luminescent skin", to quote the lovely JB) and am determined to stay up 'till 9:15 or so to work.

    Quit laughing, it's going to ruin my determination!

    (Ah, the music brings back memories. Once upon a time, this was totally my theme song.)
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    I'm working on Research Methods, since I got my first methodology assignment back and got an 87%, thankyouverymuch, and am now working on the second methodology assignment. This includes the following sections:

    Research Question
    Study Population
    Sampling Unit
    Sampling Frame
    Sample Size
    Sampling Approach
    Justification (for approach to data collection)
    Draft of Data Collection System (Questionnaire/survey)

    In the first part, which is where I am, I have to discuss how my independent and dependent variables causally relate. And you know what I'm discovering? That it can be argued that people could lie to others online for ANY REASON. People can either be more or less honest in the hopes of community acceptance, for instance, whereas, when I drew up my schematic of interrelation of variables, I figured they'd be more dishonest to try to gain community acceptance, but that isn't necessarily the case. I'm more honest when meeting new people online, for instance, because what if I lie and I get to know them and OMG, they find out I lied?

    I hope my data collection proves that people aren't as huge liars as I'm thinking they could be.

    (This post brought to you in part by the fact that JB is visiting her parents and I can't call her to gripe about this, procrastination and the letters R, M and A+, along with a healthy dose of delusion.)

    (Dammit, I need an RM icon.)

    (ETA: There. That's better.)


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