Dec. 28th, 2004

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My life is very busy these days. Friday, Christmas Eve. Saturday, Christmas. Sunday, Boxing Day (okay, I didn't do a lot). Yesterday, I hung out with [ profile] drsnicket. I regret to inform you all that, despite a valiant comeback on my part, she beat me in Trivial Pursuit: The 90s edition. How the hell she knew that the musician who dropped the last name of "Hanson" when releasing his album (whatever it is) is beyond me. And I grudgingly congratulate her.

We also had St-Hubert's chicken, tea, Felix and Norton cookies and and and and played a stupid amount of Pirates!

([ profile] drsnicket - I actually won that battle after you left!)

I fell asleep too late, around 2:30 in the morning, and woke up around 10. My uncle is coming to pick me and my grandmother up and we're going to go to the casino. My parents may meet us there. My brother may even come.

Tomorrow, a quick trip downtown to pick up skipants, then up to the cottage and skiing! W00t! Finally, the stupid snow will come in handy. Back home on Thursday, I think, and I still need to reach my friend P and see if she's going to ditch me on New Year's. I have a sneaking suspicion she will. We'll see.

Anyways, Unc will be here in about 20 minutes, so I need to get dressed.


Dec. 28th, 2004 06:13 pm
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Casino: Walked out of there with all the money I'd brought and an additional $89. My grandmother walked out with a net profit of $165.50. I'm not kidding.

Sports Experts: Walked out of there $300 poorer, but with new ski pants, workout pants, ski gloves, ski goggles and a tube (you know, the neck-warmer types).

Pharmaprix: Walked out of there with CHEESE BITS!!! I haven't seen them in stores in AGES. And randomly found them today when I was just picking up milk!

Now: All My Children tape from today, cheese bits, water, good conversation.

Tomorrow: Cottage 'till Friday morning. Skiing tomorrow and Thursday.

It's a good day.


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