Nov. 29th, 2004

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... that I am fucked for my exam tomorrow.

Thank you, and have a good night.
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The thought occurs to me that I should really try to discuss sociological views and concepts with people to keep them fresh in my mind. I was telling a friend, C, about this theory that we are all born with all the knowledge in the world and that childbirth is so traumatic that we never recover from that, and spend our entire lives trying to recover that knowledge.

And I'm like "I don't know WHO said that. Some dead guy. But by Monday, I'll know!"

And now I know it's Socrates.

Enjoy, having learned that bit of trivia.

OH, and a way to remember what Thomas Hobbes said about power: Hobbes wonders how we can interact at all and not try to take over each other. He says there's something in nature counter-acting our natural instinct.

Thomas Hobbes = guy that Hobbes the Tiger was based on = nature/tiger/hunger/power/dominance. HAH.

Oh, and Smith (whose first name is missing from my notes) argues that trade -> markets -> social division -> skilled labourers -> national wealth. In this natural predisposition, this means capital accumulation. "Gotta get more stuff.", says my notes. Which means that Smith is Gabrielle Solis. Further, Smith is associate with John Locke, which I will remember because Desperate Housewives is on ABC just like Lost is.

I hate social theory, but I do like how it can make me think. And the weird connections my brain comes up with.


Nov. 29th, 2004 01:11 pm
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Just spent seven hours attempting to sleep. All of them full of dreaming about my exam and all the different ways I could fail it.

Motherfucker, this isn't going to be a good day.

In addition to the exam, I have to come home after it and do Stats and Italian homework.



Nov. 29th, 2004 05:04 pm
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Relying on websites and Internet access while at school? Bad thing.

I had to check the class website to check a couple of facts about the exam and stuff, and I hadn't been able to log on since I got to school. Seems the wireless network authentication is FUCKED again.

Left that building, came to the library, and does it work here? HELL NO.

So I'm online through some unsecured network named "cory`s". Thank you, Cory, whoever you are, because I might actually not fail the essay question part of the exam thanks to you.

Leaving for the classroom in a half hour. Exam will start at six.

Pray for me. Lots. :)

And then, when I get home, a Stats assignment awaits me, as well as a short Italian piece of homework. Then, sleep. Hopefully to bed not much past midnight, 'cause I'm wiped.

Dammit, I hate being all jittery about writing a stupid test. Even if I flunk it outright, I can still do okay in the class, provided I work really hard next semester. Why am I so worried??

Okay. Back to review. <whimper>
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Probably the worst exam I've ever written.

Other people sobbed.

My friend in the class said "I studied for 9 hours, and it was pointless. The readings had nothing to do with the exam except in the broadest sense, and our notes are all over the place from the lectures."

Which is very true.

I am not happy.

But I'm watching TV, now, until 10. Then I'll do my Italian and Stats.

It's over, I have nothing else for that class this semester. I will not worry about it again until January.

(Also, Pierre Elliot Trudeau lost to Tommy Douglas? The FUCK? Terry Fox, okay, I can understand that. But TOMMY DOUGLAS just beat both Terry Fox and TRUDEAU?! My country is screwy.)


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