Oct. 31st, 2004

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(originally written at the library late Friday night/Saturday morning)

Finally went to dinner with C, although our first choice restaurant was already closed. So we went down the street to another one and I indulged and had a steak. Mmmmm. Steak. And (those of you who know me, brace yourselves), actually had some salad with dressing. It was a nice balsamic dressing (she says, anyways). Not great (particularly as I am not a fan of dressing AT ALL), but it complimented the salad very well.

I got to babble about Sociology of Cyberspace to her and actually engage in intelligent discussion for once, which was nice.

'course, as we're leaving the restaurant, she says: "You would do really well in prison."

We'd been talking about virtual lives versus real lives, you see, and she knows that I'm perfectly content to live vicariously and not do much of my own living, and so she decided that even if I were imprisoned, as long as I had a laptop and wireless access, I would do juuuuust fine.

She was kidding, and I laughed, but I have to wonder how much truth there would be to that. (That is not an invitation to comment on that thought. ;))

So I'm back in the library, and I'll be leaving in 5 minutes. I have to pick up milk on the way home (my home is never without milk, but I ran out last night!!!) so I'm going to take the metro home and stop at the late-night dep to get my milk, then walk home the seven blocks in the cold with a 20 pound bag on my back. Whee.

I've actually done work. I did all my reading for my Social Theory paper due Monday, and, what's more, I understand it. At least well enough to make a point. So I've got two paragraphs done and I'm tired and I'm officially taking a break done for the night.

Family stuff this weekend. Tomorrow afternoon: pumpkin carving! My family carves THE BEST PUMPKINS EVER. EVER!!!one!11! Seriously. We have it down to an art form. Probably dinner at the parents'.

I know, I know. Thrilling update, but I had to write down the "You would do really well in prison." line. I laughed. A lot.
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But what else is there to do on Saturday night when you're writing a paper about alienated labour?

... apart from actually writing the paper, of course.

At any rate, I'm listening to some Shoutcast station that's playing 80s and 90s stuff. It's weird to to read about how a worker becomes enslaved to his product (capital, naturally), while listening to "Zombie" by the Cranberries. I thought I would share that with you.

You're welcome.

Oh, and if I don't post before tomorrow, don't forget: cheer on Green Bay! ;) Game starts at 1pm. I'll be at brunch. But I can't wait to find out who wins. (Apparently, the 'skins are 2-4. They had a bye-week last week and they still have a bunch of injuries, plus some rookie's out because he was arrested for driving drunk. Things look good for the Pack!)


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