Sep. 25th, 2004

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Never make a Sim's Life Aspiration be Romance and then name them/model them after yourself.

Unless, of course, you don't mind your virtual self being a slut.

My Sim's wants currently include:

Have WooHoo (sex) in public with three different Sims (at separate times)
Be in love with two Sims at the same time
Have WooHoo
Have WooHoo (in a bed)

Fears include:

Engagement to Gary
Rejection for WooHoo
Rejection for WooHoo by Gary

That slut.

Now: editing that website a bit (touches here and there for now), then maybe a shower and bed.

Tomorrow: waking up relatively early and going to spend the day at the library, because here's what I have to do for next week:

- Readings for Classical Social Theory / Sociology of Cyberspace
- 3 page summary thing for Classical Social Theory
- Participate virtually for Sociology of Cyberspace (after doing readings, so I appear knowledgeable)
- Study for Italian test on Tuesday
- Stats assignment for Thursday

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So rather than mess with my namesake and be slutty, I decided to mess around with Laura Bristow.

She's living alone, and I debated not giving her a phone, because she still loves Jack and Sydney. But alas, I needed to give her one to invite people over, etc, and now Sydney calls her like, daily. Jack doesn't, though, because he's a mean bastard. Laura hangs up on Sydney, too. Mwahaha.

Meanwhile, she's made it to counter-intelligence.

Did I mention Jack got fired from the army while taking care of Sydney and then got into a life of crime? He's retired now, 'cause he's OLD.

Anyways, Laura has a girlfriend, now. Hee.

Er, no library today, after all. And I WILL stop playing The Sims 2 at 4. After I've had a grilled cheese.
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Never, ever, ever underestimate the ability of a Golden Girls episode to raise your spirits.


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