Sep. 20th, 2004


Sep. 20th, 2004 05:29 pm
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Well, I entirely bullshat my way through section two of my stats assignment.

Dependent/independent variables? We SO didn't cover that.

Anyways, I did my best and I expect he'll give me points for originality, if nothing else. ;) And at least it's done.

Hm. Note to self: re-read assignment before printing it out tonight.

I'm currently on the 8th floor. I swear I'm not supposed to be here. It's too nice. And, you know, I'm not a member of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science. And yet, I totally fit in. There are laptops everywhere.

Picked up my loan certificate. Although it SAYS the Laurentian Bank, I wonder if I can't cash it at the Royal Bank. Hm, hm. Although I really should deposit it at the Laurentian. My balance there is currently negative, I believe. Mostly because I've entirely forgotten my PIN.

My battery's almost entirely charged, which is a good thing, considering I have a two plus hour class from 6-8:15. Don't want the poor thing to die on me in the middle of a lecture. That would be Bad. I know we're also watching a film in at least part of the class, so I won't actually turn my computer on until after the movie. Yay for saving battery power.

I wish my watch had an alarm function. I'd so take a 20 minute snooze. But no, as soon as the battery's up to full power, off to the building I go. I think I'll see if I can snag dinner before class.

After class, home.

<checks bus schedule>

Oh, good. There's one at 7:59 and one at 8:31. I have to stop at Jean Coutu on the way home to pick up a package, so I'm SO not going to be home for the start of Las Vegas. Pout.

Okay, 97% is good enough. It's really hot on this floor, so I'm outta here.

Also? Looney Toons music is playing on this floor. What the FUCK? (Not that I mind. I'm just bemused.)


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