Sep. 11th, 2004

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I am subjectless because this is just a stream of consciousness thing here.

What prompted the post is that I just realized that I really don't miss biting my nails. Like, at all. As long as I keep them nice and short with the nail clippers, I don't miss it at all. Cool!

Also, I rock at finding phone numbers for unlisted afterhours clubs in Montreal.

I am going to allow myself to be dragged out to a club. Eventually.

If anyone ever comments on my incredibly poor dancing ability, my excuse is to be that "I haven't found my rhythm yet."

It's September 11th again, and that means it's my grandmother's birthday. It means other things, of course, and I hope I won't wake up to a broken world again, and my thoughts are with those whose lives were significantly affected by September 11th. But this isn't the time or place for me to ramble on about the third anniversary. So I bought my grandmother a dozen pink roses for her birthday, on behalf of my brother and me. Should be delivered later today.

I'm too introspective for my own good tonight, and I'm tired and I should go to sleep, but I really don't want to (for various reasons). But I'll go soon, because I have to wake up and be conscious for my grandmother's birthday celebration tomorrow evening. (And need to get a little something for her beforehand, plus a card.)

Everyone should drop a buck into this website. I put in $5, because I laughed my ass off when I saw it.

I'm downloading Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. Because [ profile] moireach told me to.

ohmygod, I just took my hair out of its ponytail, and my somewhat annoying headache almost immediately vanished. ECSTASY! Okay, it's lingering, but it hurts SO MUCH LESS. And shit, I must remember to buy shampoo when I'm out tomorrow afternoon.

I mentioned I was tired, right?

Bed, I guess. Blah.
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Wake up this morning and see that my download of ESotSM is done. Awesome!

... and then I realize it's in French.


Sigh. I deleted it, even though I speak French. I hate dubbed movies.
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With six minutes to go, Canada's Kris Draper scored the go-ahead goal for Canada, and then SIX SECONDS LATER, fucking Roberto fucking Luongo lets the Czechs tie it up. 3-3, we're heading to a 5-on-5 sudden death overtime, NHL playoff style.

I'm at the parents' watching the game with my brother and our former neighbour, JK.

If we lose, Luongo is going to get killed. He's lucky he plays in the States.

I have never wanted Martin Brodeur in nets more than I do now.


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