Sep. 7th, 2004

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Italian at 11:45am 'til 1. Stats from 2:45 'till 4.

Should be an interesting day with my new laptop and wireless access.

May meet up with the kid brother tomorrow after Italian, see how he's doing.

Bedtime now.

I am boring. I know.
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Happy Birthday to the cut---... <ahem> nicest llama I know, [ profile] tapdancinghippo!

Hope you have a great day, sweetie!

(It's got to be better than mine. I'm sure you don't have Stats with a teacher named Hussein.)

Hoo, boy.

Sep. 7th, 2004 06:42 pm
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The semester has not begun auspiciously. It's not even a day old and I've already skipped a class.

But I swear, it wasn't REALLY my fault!

Okay, it was. I only had a rough idea as to where my building was. And then my brother got out of his class early so he drove me, and we parked downtown and started hunting for my building. With seven minutes to go before class started, I had the bright idea of CALLING the school and saying "okay, where is this specific building?"

She gave me the address, but it was a bad connection, and I must have heard wrong, because instead of going to 2015, we looked for 2050 and 1250 and 1215. None of those buildings were school buildings. Next thing you know, we're practically at the BELL CENTRE and class was starting.

Defeated, the brother and I went to see about his book list and his ID card. Huge lineups for both the ID cards and the bookstore made us change our minds about what to do next, so we found my locker (yay! It's convenient.) and he found his classroom (awwwww, I had Quebec Society in that room last semester!) and then we went to eat at a nearby pub. My treat, of course, because my brother is a mooch.

Unable to locate a terminal with which I could discover my Italian teacher's office location, I saw that the bus to the other campus was arriving, so I hurried over to it and it took me wayyyyyy out west. So here I am. In the cafeteria? No, they don't have anything aside from snacks and vending machines. It's LIKE a cafeteria, though. They have a couple of couches, and someone is actually asleep on the couch next to me. Impressive, since there's a lot of noise here.

Oh, and I'm not posting this right now. Oh, no. That would mean I had wireless access. And do I? No. No, I don't.

In order to get a wireless account, you need an alcor account, which is something every student is entitled to. I have an alcor account. I realized I didn't know my password, so I reset the password last night.

The change has YET TO GO THROUGH, so I can't...

... and it's 1996 all over again. They're playing Alanis Morrissette's Hand in My Pocket in here. (Not that I'm complaining, but wow, it feels like I'm in CEGEP again.)

Sorry, yes, so the change has yet to go through, so I can't even APPLY for a wireless account yet. So I'm sitting here, typing this into Semagic, and will post this when I get home.

It's 2:19, it's been a lousy day so far, and I hope the rest of my term is better than this first day.

I really don't want to go to Stats. Whimper.

And I really hope I can get a hold of my brother to tell him to pick up my syllabus at the Italian teacher's office.

Ooh. Sleeping Beauty has awoken. Beauty may be an overstatement.

Off to call the brother, then go wait to get into class. Sigh.


Added at 6:42pm.

Oh, God, things got bad. Stats went for the ENTIRE HOUR AND A QUARTER. I hauled ass back downtown to get the syllabus, and, after an adventurous time trying to FIND her office, discover she's left. Shit.

Hung out with the brother and his GF, and am now sitting in the snazzy 8th floor sort of lounge area. Mwahahaha. Wireless is working! GO ME for getting it to work.

Anyways, Bro's GF and I are sitting here together, waiting for Bro to finish his class, and then he'll drive me home. Whee. Tired. Long day. BAD day. Glad tomorrow is just the one class.


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