Aug. 31st, 2004

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So the extended family leaves tomorrow. Had a nice dinner at St-Hubert's with them and my parents and my brother, then the younger generation all came back to my place to hang out. It was a nice time, and even though we're only second cousins (and not even actually biologically related, since their father is adopted), we all got along pretty well. The elder of the two sisters, E, is actually cool. It was neat. :)

I'm currently sitting on my couch, new laptop in front of me, getting ready to watch a couple hours of Sex and the City, while backing up my old laptop to my desktop (a hub is a wonderful thing). I'm then going to format the laptop, reinstall Win98 on it, and we'll see if Office 2003 will work on it. If not, I have Word 2000. Anyways, it's going to be my brother's laptop from now on. At least until our grandmother gives HIM a chunk of change to get a new laptop. (He still doesn't know about mine, but I'll tell him this week.)

Tomorrow, movies for mommies or whatever, with my friend M and her baby boy, then I'm supposed to meet with [ profile] mzac's mom about her website, and ... I don't know what I'm doing after that. I may drop off this SATC tape for C, but I dunno what she's up to.

Show's on. More later, doubtlessly. :)


Aug. 31st, 2004 01:08 am
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Arvin Sloane is talking about purses and calling Carrie Bradshaw "cookie" on my television screen.

Head. Exploding.


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