May. 16th, 2004

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I have a wedding to go to at the end of the month. I already have something to wear for it, but I lacked shoes.

My mother had declared yesterday to be the day we would go and get a pair of shoes.

Naturally, the thought of shopping with my mother sent shivers down my spine.

And yet, it wasn't bad. We found a pair at the first shop we stopped at, then she bought me some planting earth and a couple new pots for my plants. Also, some office supply stuff (including a CD binder for all my CDs. I have close to 200 of the things, music, games and data, and it's just not space efficient to have cases and cases and cases everywhere).

I got home and began Operation: Repot.

The first plant that had to be repotted was my spider plant. I bought it in something like June of 2001, deciding that my new home needed a little green. I also bought a kalanchoe for the ex, who really liked the flowers on it.

Neither of these plants had been repotted.

The spider plant had, I swear, more roots to be seen than earth, when I pulled it out of its old pot. It boggled my mind, how intricate the paths of the roots were. The plant would probably be willing to kiss my feet at this point, though. Much larger pot, lots more earth, just a better home in general.

The kalanchoe had pretty much the same problem. They both should have been repotted ages ago. But I'm proud to report that the kalanchoe is a massive plant, now. It's at least a couple feet tall (and is now properly supported by a stick to keep it from falling over) with leaves on each branch, and a new flower is blooming (for some reason, it blooms in winter. I don't get it. But apparently, it's hard to get them to bloom again, so I'm satisfied it ever does so).

The big ones done, I turned my attention to two smaller spider plants (which my mother brought me a few months ago) and transplanted them to the old spider plant and kalanchoe pots. Finally, there was a new ... sprig, I guess, of spider plant on my big one. So I carefully took it off the older plant and it split in two. I then planted both sprigs in the tiny pots my mom had used for the small spider plants.

So, I now have six pots, five containing spider plants, and one towering kalanchoe.

I then spent the evening testing, organizing and putting away CDs, followed by Jimmy Fallon's last SNL episode, hosted, as previously noted, by the Olsen twins.

I'm gonna miss Jimmy. :/

And if this means Tina Fey's not doing Weekend Update anymore, there's not going to be any reason at all to watch the show anymore.


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