Apr. 23rd, 2004

Le grump.

Apr. 23rd, 2004 03:10 am
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So I returned Kill Bill Volume 1 today and perused the video games. It's been a while since I've gotten engrossed in a game, and I was in the mood for something somewhat violent, but not altogether shoot-em-up, and then I saw Splinter Cell sitting on the shelf. Sort of a stealthy shooter game, it reminds me a great deal of Thief. So I rented it, and because it's the old version (not red alert or whatever it is), I get it for a week. Sweeeeeet, says I.

However, I kind of suck at it.

Okay, no, I really suck at it. I keep getting discovered or shot at and you know what? I run out of ammo all the frickin' time.

I've played it for about three hours today, which has been sort of nice -- I'm decompressing after my semester and all, you know?

I took a break to watch my <ahem> acquired episode of Tru Calling, and I'm sitting there and fifteen minutes into the show, the sound starts fucking up. Great. Just peachy.

So I attempt to get another version, and that was over an hour ago and I still have over 2 hours to go. I need to remember to just set my VCR and watch my tape after Survivor, because I'm getting annoyed at downloading crap, especially if it's crap WITH NO AUDIO after 15 minutes. I mean WTF, really.

Anyways, I managed to finish the first actual mission in Splinter Cell, then promptly managed to accidentally jump off a tall building and kill myself, then I made too much noise getting into the building the next time and got busted, then a guard just shot me to death, then a security camera got me and finally, I opened a door and walked right into a guard.

At that point, I said, "Fuck it," turned the game off and came back to the computer to check on the Tru Calling download.

2h9m to go.

Sigh, sigh.

I guess I'll go, like, shower and then clean the kitchen and do the dishes.

I'm mildly grumpy, and I don't quite know why.


Apr. 23rd, 2004 05:37 am
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So I didn't shower. I wasted time online instead. And then watched some Xena. And then played some more Splinter Cell (I'm getting better!!!) and then my Tru Calling ep was done, so I watched that.

It's like there's about a billion things I've been putting off doing, or haven't been able to enjoy for the last three or four months, that I suddenly CAN DO now, without guilt.

So I'm trying to catch up or make up for lost time or something, apparently. :)

Plan for what to do before bed:

- shower
- clean a bit

Plans for tomorrow, er, today. After I wake up.

- 12pm: wake up
- 12:30pm: clean some more
- 2pm: photocopy my CV/cover letter at the dep
- 2:10pm go drop off my CV/cover letter at this shop not that far away (one bus ride) that J works at
- 3ish: home, home, home, to clean some more

The rest of the day looks pretty clear, barring the three hour or so block from 7-10pm when my Habs take on the Tampa Bay Lightning in Tampa for Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. Which we will do well in. Yes, yes we will.


Apr. 23rd, 2004 07:14 am
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Cleaning your apartment at 7am, while listening to a recording of a concert your favourite band put on in your very own city, two months ago.
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Even cooler: Hearing BNL mock American bands by saying that now they've made it in the USA, they will now only refer to Montreal as MON-tree-all, instead of MUN-tree-all, just like the American bands do it. Hee.

(I'm cleaning! I'm being productive! I should go to bed soon.)


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