Apr. 8th, 2004

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Snaffled from [livejournal.com profile] moireach, instead of studying social deviance.

Post your answers as comments, and then repost the meme in your own journal.

The Questions:

1. Pick something on my interests list that you also like and describe why.
2. Pick something on my interests list that you don't like and describe why.
3. Pick something that is on my interests list that surprises you. Why does this surprise you?
4. Pick something that is on my interests list that you know next to nothing about (if you want me to give you details, let me know that, too).
5. Pick something that you think should be on my interests list. Why do you think it should be there?

(Handy-dandy link to my interests list that opens in a new window.)

Being interactive is fun! You want to answer this, don't you? Yes. You do.
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Because I got my GST credit cheque from the Canadian government today (in the obscenely large amount of $82.50 CAD</sarcasm>). and because I only skipped one class all semester long (and that was to go to a hockey game), I decided to reward myself by getting the extra user pics option again. I've been inspired, lately. But rather than do anything about that now, I will now finally start going through my social deviance stuff again. The professor changed her mind, and now it's chapters seven through twelve, not eight through twelve.

I shall do so while listening to radio wazee. And while munching on M&Ms. Because I deserve M&Ms after that 3-0 loss.

(I always did love this Tara icon of mine, even if I didn't use it that often after I got a paid account.)


Apr. 8th, 2004 06:11 am
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So I played some SSX3 tonight (which I rented until Saturday as another reward), and studied and chatted and LJed and studiedstudied.

I've got social deviance theories coming out of my ears. (Also SSX3 moves.)

The stupid thing? All these theories make sense -- to a point, but not a one of them is at all comprehensive and not any of them can explain everything.

How frustrating it is to read about symbolic interactionism and read about the Thomas Theorum and how labels affect people and then realize that it makes no sense for the original deviant act? Very. That's how frustrating it is.

I want answers. What do I get? More questions.

Are all the social sciences as confusing and roundaboutish and unanswerable as sociology seems to be??

I need to make an "I'm so tired" icon, an "I'm studying and freaking out about exams" icon and an icon that represents something schoolish, considering I'm going to be doing this school thing for the next three+ years.

Ugh, no more spamming LJ tonight/this morning. I'm going to bed.


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