Mar. 24th, 2004


Mar. 24th, 2004 07:24 am
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How did it get to be 7:19 already?

I slept like hell. Tossing and turning all night long, it felt like.

And I have to go get ready for school. This sucks.

If I miss my bus, I will be thoroughly annoyed.


Mar. 24th, 2004 11:37 am
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My hattrick player went for $5.5 million, which makes me happy.

I've set the VCR to tape All My Children at 1.

I'm now going to crash for like, 3-4 hours.
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No, seriously, I was.

Went to the library at my friend C's insistence, and arrived there ready to study.

She, however, was hungry.

Considering I REALLY did not want to study, I suggested we go eat. Or rather, that she eat while I snack or something, because I'd just had dinner.

We went to this Mexican place that she had gift certificates for, and sat down and chatted and such.

She ordered a virgin Pina Colada, because, after all, we were going to go back to the library.

I stuck with water, because I've had three Cokes in ten days, and that makes me feel bad and guilty.

The drink arrives and she's horrified to hear I've never tasted a Pina Colada, virgin or alcoholic, in my life. She steals a fresh glass from the table next to us and starts transferring some of her drink into this glass (by way of sticking the straws into the drink, covering the hole with her finger, moving the straw to the new glass and uncovering the hole). She decides that this will take far too long.

She then attempts to slowly pour some out of her glass (which is HUGE, by the way. It's really wide.) into this new glass, with a fairly narrow opening.

Can you say spillage? I thought you could.

So we clean up the spill with our napkins and steal more from the table next to us (where we got the glass). There is now about a third of a glass of Pina Colada and ice in this new glass.

I finally pick it up to try it, and tilt it carefully towards me.

Wouldn't you know it, the chunks of ice stuck at the bottom until the last instant, when they slid forward at approximately Warp 17, smacking into my face.

This would not be so bad on its own if the ice hadn't been pushing the actual liquid in front of it. My face was COVERED in the drink, and it's only sheer reflex that kept me from slopping it all over myself. Most of it landed on the table top. Go me.

We were still giggling about it ten minutes later when her meal arrived, and I said "Gee, I hope that's a little less messy than your drink was."

"For you, you mean."


Thankfully, there were no other incidents of food or drink attacking either of us.

After dinner, we decided to ditch the library -- she wasn't feeling well, and I could get more accomplished at home if I actually wanted to accomplish things, so we headed for the metro.

I also have cheese nachos in my fridge.

Pina Colada attack or not, it was a pretty decent night.


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