Mar. 16th, 2004

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Was watching Las Vegas tonight. It was about this guy who had killed someone and Sam (lovely, lovely Sam) was a witness.

And who was one of Sam's new casino clients but one James Patrick Stuart (whose name is actually Patrick Stuart but he kept getting confused with Patrick Stewart), who played Will Cortlandt on All My Children. And not a nice Will Cortlandt, either.

I half expected Stuart's character to die horribly by the end of the episode, at the hands of the murderer, because, well, he got killed on All My Children and the murder investigation lasted something like nine months before we all found out it was Janet Green who'd done it.

Yes, you all care so very much. I know.


In other news, I'm skipping class tomorrow night to go to the hockey game. The tickets have been in my friend's hands since October, and so we and my brother and my brother's GF are all going to see the Habs play the Colorado Avalanche tomorrow night at the Bell Centre.

I'd say we're gonna lose, but we beat the Leafs. We may actually win.


I'm actually tired and may go to bed soon. Shocking.
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Went to the hockey game instead of class.

Saw Habs blow a 2-0 lead.

Saw Habs win 4-2, with Kovalev getting two assists for his two first points in a Montreal uniform.

Saw Teemu Selanne crash into Stephane Auger, and missing out on a breakaway. Laughed. A lot.

Cheered much. My voice is deadish, now.

Also, very, very, very, very tired. Sleep beckons, because I have class in the morning. Whee.


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