Mar. 8th, 2004

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Six in the morning. All is well.

The fire department is coming by this morning to check out our fire alarms/smoke detectors. At nine.

It seems like just a couple months ago that they were here doing their annual check, but no, it was Monday, March 31st that they were last here.

Surprisingly, my apartment is a lot cleaner these days than it was a year ago. Not perfect, and I still need to clean off my desk and stuff, but... yeah. Improvement.

Also, your friendly neighbourhood networking idiot finally got her two computers talking to each other. It was all set up right, but for some reason, while being online, the computers couldn't see each other. Logged off, refreshed Network Neighbourhood, et voila.

I love the fact that I've been physically able to do this for approximately three years, and haven't figured it out until now. To quote my brother: "I am so smart. S-M-R-T."

I'm going to finish tidying the living room (and, it should be noted, all glasses/plates/cutlery in my home, except for one spoon and one mug are clean!!!) and the hallway, make sure my battery in my smoke detector works, and then crash (on the couch) until the testing of the alarm system wakes me.

In other news, I smiled too much tonight and split my lower lip, slightly. Ow.

Oh. And spent too much time reading a great BAM (all together now, Bianca And Maggie) story. I've discovered that BAM fandom is where all my fandoms (and more, I'm sure) collide. I know people from the following fandoms who are into BAM: Buffy/Angel, Trek, Xena, Alias. It's kind of freaky.

I'm procrastinating. I'm going, now. Quit shovin'.


Mar. 8th, 2004 07:26 pm
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My best friend is the very best friend in the universe, 'cause she got me two months of paid account time.

I love you, [ profile] drsnicket. <snuggles>


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