Mar. 2nd, 2004

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I took a long, long, hot shower, and my back feels good enough that I'm going to attempt to lie down and, you know, sleep.

Figure I'll wake up around 11, work for a couple hours, watch All My Children while eating lunch, then finish my paper before I have to leave for class around 7pm.

I suspect I'll be getting my midterms back in all my classes this week.

Vibes, good thoughts and all-out prayers for good marks would be keen.


Mar. 2nd, 2004 12:45 pm
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That totally didn't work out the way I'd planned it.

I didn't plan on waking up about 20 times in the middle of the night due to my stupid back, you see.

And I have no idea why my alarms (both of them!) didn't go off shortly before 11, although there was apparently a power failure around noon.

As such, I woke up at 12:30, more than a little panicked that it was something like 4pm.

That would have been Bad.

But my watch, my computer and all assure me it's only 12:42pm right now. So, this is a good thing.

I'm gonna eat, watch All My Children and then finish my paper. Then I get to print it out in magenta, go to the dep, photocopy it, then buy myself one of those spiffy plastic thingies to put my paper in. You know the ones I mean. With the plastic spine that you slide on, over the transparent sheet of plastic?

(Am I making any sense? Yeah, didn't think so.)


Mar. 2nd, 2004 05:19 pm
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My head is swimming with statistics on homosexuality, reported numbers on feelings for members of one's own gender, reported numbers on sexual actions with members of one's own gender, what rights Canadians think GLBT people should have... and I even know that as of 2001, the Census says that there's ~34,200 same-sex common-law couples in Canada.

Owie head. Owie back.

Must. Finish. Paper!

(And must stop being all squeeful about the lovely Bianca/Maggie scene in today's All My Children! It keeps distracting me!!)


Mar. 2nd, 2004 07:07 pm
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Paper: Done, printed in magenta, in a folder, waiting for me to leave and go to the dep to photocopy it so it comes out black. (Stupid black printhead. Grr. DIE, Canon, diiiiiie.)
Back: Feeling better because I am much less stressed, now.
BAM plotbunnies: Running rampant in my brain because now I can write when I have some spare time. Mwahaha.

Must go. But at least I feel like I can actually get through class. :)

(Also, I hate my paper, but whatever. It should be fine.)


Mar. 2nd, 2004 11:53 pm
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Paper handed in.

Exam mark received.

Class average: 66%. Which freaked me RIGHT out.

My grade: 78%. Which is a B+.

Not too shabby. I'm not personally thrilled by it (I got 11 questions out of 50 wrong), but really? Not bad, especially since most of the class got 17 wrong.

Based on how I felt leaving that exam, I'd have to say that I did better than that on my Social Deviance exam (well, we'll see tomorrow) and worse on my Quebec Society exam. (Ouch. We'll see on Friday.)

I will now relax until about 12:30 or so and then go to bed, just to wake up again at 6:45.

I'm starting to be convinced that my back pain was actually a lot of stress, because it feels so much better now. Like, it hardly hurts at all. Wow, go stress. You're evil.


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