Feb. 18th, 2004

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Sigh, mornings suck, so this has to be quick.

I did some reading before bed (haha, [livejournal.com profile] trexphile [and not [livejournal.com profile] trexhile as I orginally had], I originally wrote reasing!) and got a phone call and wound up falling asleep at about 12:40 or so.

I slept until 4.

At this point in time, I shook myself awake from a really screwed up nightmare.

I dreamt that I was living where I currently do. But for some reason, I was in my dad's car (a Nissan Pathfinder), in the back seat, sort of napping. And the bus that goes up my street every half hour or so, from ~6am-~1am kept waking me up.

So around 6:30am (in the dream), the bus trundled by and woke me, and for some reason, there were a LOT of people getting off the bus. Which is weird, not only for this stop, but for the time.

And I'm sort of trying to get comfy again to get back to sleep (no, I don't know why I wasn't in my apartment, in my bed), when four or five guys come striding down the street from the stop and decide to steal my dad's car.

While I'm in it.

The four (or five) of them just grabbed the car and started rolling it backwards and forwards, trying to pop the parking brake loose (if that's even possible. What the hell do I know about cars??), and I'm like "What the fuck?!" so I slide into the driver's seat and start leaning on the horn. While the horn is deafeningly loud, they don't care, and oh, look, NOW they've managed to start pushing the car back down the street. I'm being pushed backwards by four or five psychos.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I started the engine (the keys were in the ignition, oddly) and THAT got their attention. I drove up the street, past my building, honking at my grandmother (who was outside, for some reason), yelling at her to call my mom, but she didn't hear me. And then it started to rain.

I remember the light ahead of me being red, but frankly, I had to run it, because Psycho!Guys were on my ass.

So I did. And I swerved around some idiot who was parked in the middle of the street after the intersection. I kept driving, and then I saw my brother, just standing there at a bus stop in the rain. I screeched to a stop, threw the car into park, and rolled down my window, shouting at him to "get the fuck into this car and fucking drive!" Which he did.

We ended up at our parents' house, putting the car in the garage, and then... there was a phone call with my mom or something about the Psycho!Guys, and my dad was in France (which is weird, 'cause he actually is), and... yeah.

Very weird dream. Especially because I don't drive. I mean, I am physically capable of the act of driving a car, and have done so on various occasions, but it's been, you know, illegal, considering I don't have my license.

So, that was that. I woke up just past four, tossed and turned for about 10 minutes, then fell back to sleep until my alarm went off at 6:42am.

Fookin' alarm.

Strangely, I had a voice mail from a friend when I woke up, saying "Hey, in case you wake up in the middle of the night, 'cause I know you do that sometimes, give me a call, I'm still up."

The timestamp? 4am.

Creeeeepy. <insert Twilight Zone music here>

Okay, must get ready to leave. Smeg, I think I'm going to miss my bus...
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... as soon as I sit down to type out my Social Deviance notes from earlier in the semester (as a means of studying), I am reminded of some thoughts I had this morning (in class) regarding The L Word.

The L Word and Sociology. Hee. )

This all went through my head before nine in the morning. Aren't you proud? I know you are.


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