Jan. 27th, 2004

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Long time since I've made a public post, but after several months of secluding myself within the safety of my trusted friends, I've decided to be more public. Some things won't be discussed publicly, of course, but other things will be.

I just cleared out some people from my friends list, but please don't be offended if you're among those people. I find that I've been skimming some people's posts, mostly because our interests have diverged or weren't ever really that close anyways. I dislike the drama surrounding the whole friending/defriending thing, so I apologize if you're among those I've defriended. On the other hand, if you truly find me that fascinating, most of the posts you would have seen anyways are going to be public, so you won't be losing much content, if any. (Yes, I know, I'm just that thrilling.)

So, let's start this off with an introduction/recap for any new people who might show up, eh?

Hi. You can call me Elizabeth or brinshannara or whatever, though neither are my real name. I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and am 26 years old and pretty much bilingual. I'm a lesbian who's been single for about a year and is growing tired of it. Er, being single, not being gay. ;)

I love Alias, and it's possibly my favourite show at the moment, followed closely by Celebrity Mole: Yucatan (I've got a Thing for the Mole series). I also really enjoy the show Las Vegas and do occasionally watch All My Children. I will admit to watching Smallville, if pressed. Past fandoms include Star Trek: TNG/DS9/VOY, Xena: Warrior Princess and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I have extremely fond memories of my childhood, and am therefore wholly amused by Superfriends, Transformers (80s version!), He-Man (80s version!) and GI Joe, along with references to Atari and old NES games. At any particular moment, I could post a huge long post about any number of past fandoms/amusements, so you've been warned. ;) I tend to make icons, too. All my icons were made by me, save one of the "so not a girly-girl" icons, which was made by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] mtgat and the NaNoWriMo winner one (see below). (Also, you see the GI Joeness of those girly-girl icons? I totally warned you.)

I think too much. I successfully completed 50,000 words of a novel in the 30 days of November (NaNoWriMo). I just went back to school after a long (read: 7 year) break, and I'm trying to get a BA in Sociology. What this will do for me, I'm not altogether sure, but I really like the subject matter of my classes so far. Expect bitching about school as mid-term exams/papers are due.

I'm also poorish from not having worked a steady job for a long time (which is why I've gone back to school), so you can expect posts about my finances and my regrets of having spent thousands of dollars on frivolous things such as hockey tickets, plane tickets and phone bills, back when I actually had money. I used to write online for a living, then I moved into web design, and somehow wound up doing a six week stint as Marketing Coordinator at some stupid local company. I'm still not entirely sure how I managed that one. Please do let me know if you need a website done. ;)

And then there's hockey. I'm a huge Montreal Canadiens fan, particularly fond of José Theodore. I frequently say that Theodore is one of a handful of men I'd sleep with, given the opportunity. Whether or not this is actually true will have to wait and see for the day when my favourite goalie propositions me. I do make hockey-related posts. Feel free to skip over them, because I do tend to get very prolific or very excited, especially if Theodore has recorded a shutout or has made 40+ saves.

I think that's enough for now. As you can see, I tend to ramble. :)

So... yay for publicly posting again, I think. We'll see how this goes.


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