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Still awake at 4:47am. Not due to WoW or anything, either. Due entirely to a test I have tomorrow, worth a paltry 15% (seriously, not being sarcastic) of my grade. So I'm doing readings I hadn't done in preparation for it. Hopefully I'll get 2 hours of sleep before I have to go to class, then can come home, do my work shift and nap some more. Hooray.
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I love Italian. Really. I do. I don't think there's a more beautiful language than Italian. I love the rhythm, the cadence, the style, the flair.

I also loathe it more intensely than I thought was possible.

I have a test at 2:45. On ordinal numbers (first, second, third, primo, secondo, terzo), the passive form, relative pronouns, the imperative and the subjunctive.

I am confident of my ability on the numbers and fairly reasonably okay with the subjunctive. The pronouns and imperative are so-so. The passive form? Gah.

I don't tend to use the passive voice in ENGLISH, much less Italian.

I really think this may be my last semester of Italian. It makes me sad, but also, there's this huge wave of relief at the idea of not cramming a whole new language, complete with verbs and tenses, into my already-full brain.

The only motivation I have right now is to learn this so that when I go to Italy this summer (June, baby! 2 weeks!) with my parents, I'll be able to tell them I'm going out and not to worry, because I can speak the language, too. I refuse to be stuck at my parents' sides for two weeks when I am somewhat capable of speaking with the locals.

... I highly doubt I'll wind up speaking in the passive form to some random person in Italy, though. :P
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I got 19 of these (actually 20, but my dad gave me the 20th, so I got 19)... "Mensa Intelligence Test".

I'll give you guys one hint -- this test doesn't like apostrophes, so try any answer that contains one without.

My comments about the test within. Spoilery! Do not read if you intend to complete/work on the test yourself! )

Also, I seem unable to type today, so forgive any typos.

Oh, BTW, the exam went okay. Took me an hour and a half and I think it went reasonably well. Go me for remembering how to do confidence intervals right when I was going to give up. Whee!
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Did you know that there are over THIRTY irregular past participles in the passato prossimo in Italian?


Thankfully, I already know... ... wow, I know 20 of them pretty well from my prior classes. But still.

And the imperfect is okay, too.

But there's a ton of present-tense irregularities that just SUCK. To ascend, which is "salire", is crazy. It's salgo, sali, sale, saliamo, saliate, salgono. Where the hell does this G come from, and why is it only in the first person singular and third person plural?!

Grr. There are others that are just as mystifying, as well.

In other news... no, wait. There IS no other news, there is just my Italian test in TWO HOURS.

Okay, no, I lie. JB was over last night, we watched Commander in Chief, Weeds, Kitchen Confidential and How I Met Your Mother. Tomorrow, after Research Design, we're coming back here to watch Alias. And tonight, tonight is Lost and that makes me happy, because my mom is picking me up after my test and driving me home and I get to watch my Hattrick match (part of it, anyways) and then LOST and yay.

Right, so I'm aware that Italian and TV are my entire life right now. Sue me.

Back to studying some irregular verbs and wondering why the hell I took Italian in the first place.

PS: If my parents didn't speak halfway decent Italian and I hadn't been able to speak Italian with them during, oh, I don't know, EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION I HAD with them this summer (it's funny, mom and I start out in Italian, degrade to French, end up in English and then say goodbye in French and Italian), then I would be SO MUCH MORE SCREWED for this class than I am now. As it is, I've used my Italian all summer, although not all that much (mostly first person and usually the present tense), but my parents corrected me on certain things all summer. I feel good about this, now. Hopefully the test will not blow away all my confidence.

Studio adesso! (I'm studying now!)


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