Sep. 9th, 2008 04:52 am
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I mean... wow.

I just had an epiphany.

My interest in sociology has its roots, or at least one root, in Picket Fences. That show is ALWAYS about pluralism, changes in society and culture, taking the outsiders and treating them differently until someone on the show is like, no, dude, that's wrong.

I just watched an episode from the first season called Nuclear Meltdowns and in it, there was a case about religious freedom (goat sacrificers) and there was an alledged case of incest. Instead, it turned out to be a case of polygamy, because the three people involved (an older woman, a younger woman and an older man) were Mormons and only posed as a mother/father/daughter due to the fact that polygamy is against the law.

And there was Judge Henry Bone, sitting on the bench, head exploding. He called the lawyers into chambers and there was this talk about how society's definition of a family is changing. He said that the traditional interpretation of "family" was drawn up in the 1800s. But...

"That interpretation is no longer valid. Insurance laws, marriage laws, inheritance laws are all being rewritten to recognize new kinds of domestic partnerships. Maybe polygamy won't be embraced. But the traditional concept of 'family' in this country no longer has meaning."

It was always this part of the show, the social issues part, that interested me. Sure, there's other fun stuff, too -- Lauren Holly has long been a crush of mine, pre-Picket Fences, even -- but the core of it is how the Brock family and the town of Rome, Wisconsin, deals with all these... things thrown at them, mostly socially speaking.

It's pretty awesome.

Jimmy: Society always pushed morality on us. Good or bad, it was clear. Now, society's pushing tolerance.
Jill: And that's good.
Jimmy: Yeah, but I feel that the country is coming into a moral adolescence. Sometimes freedom comes at the expense of structure, and that can be a little frightening.
Jill: Oh, come on, sweetheart. Don't overreact. I mean, we're always gonna be a land of convention. There will always be some religions that like to kill ducks, and there will always be some philosophies that skew the interpretation of the traditional family, but we'll always be a land of convention and social norms. Especially Rome.

Cue Kenny walking in with his two new girlfriends -- identical, long-lost twins, Ellen and Elena.

I love this show. For real.

To bed with me.


Feb. 15th, 2008 01:45 pm
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Exam was done in 45 minutes. 50 multiple choice, 40 true/false. Hehehehe.

Working on paper now, although I'm starving, but I've wasted too much time to take a food break now.

Oh, and speaking of sociology... I have had the opportunity in the last two weeks to try to explain the very basics of semiotics to my WoW guild officers and pretty much none of them "got" that what someone understands of the message you send out is NOT irrelevant if it's not the same meaning you meant to express. The signifier and the signified, people! The sender and the receiver encode and decode things DIFFERENTLY! Trust me, it's not rocket science! And yet, some people still want to change people's guild ranks without care as to what they feel about it.



Ugh, back to the technopower elite, I suppose.

(Up for 23h15m.)


Mar. 20th, 2006 12:20 pm
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I honestly don't know how on earth I'm getting through university, because I feel like I am constantly BSing my way through everything.

And yet, I have a 3.34 GPA and I got accepted into the Honours program.

Is it just me or is academia pure BS and I'm just getting that now?

Discuss. Because I'm going to class in 20 minutes and will be sitting there, bored out of my gourd from 1:15-4pm and could use the distraction.

(On the bright side, the response paper is done.)


Jan. 26th, 2006 05:21 pm
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I think I actually did okay on my Italian test. I'm thinking I got somewhere in the mid-70s. I could possibly have gotten in the 80s, although I am very bad at telling how I did on Italian tests. The last time I thought I aced a test, I got 60-something.

Still, I know I got at least 9/10 on each of the 10 question subjunctive sections, and probably another 4/5 in another section and at least 4/5 in another section, which is 26/30, and there was another section that, even if I bombed (I know I didn't ace it), I probably got 3-4 on, so that's 29-30/40.


In other news, I saw Nelly at the Mature Students Centre today after the test. She told me I was doing very well and to not feel bad about the B+ in 403, and that the Italian is dragging down my GPA, yes, but that it's good that I recognize that and if I don't want to continue, I don't have to, since getting an Italian minor would mean another SIX ITALIAN COURSES. Good gravy, I couldn't do another six if you paid me. She told me that I should go see a Soci advisor and let them know I want to switch my concentration from a Major to an Honours, so I'm gonna do that next Tuesday between Anthro and Italian. Hopefully, they will accept me as an Honours student and I won't be doing Soci 410 (Research Design and Analysis) for "fun". (Actually, I'm moderately pleased that this semester, we're going to be working on our own research, so YAY.)

Also, new default Irina icon, courtesy of [ profile] irinafan. 4th season spoiler as to why I changed -- apart from the Santa hat. )

What else, what else... It's 5:15. I have class at 6.

Oh, I blew off Anthro again. Whoops. I've got to start going to that class. My bus went by at 11am, just after I finished brushing my teeth and was packing up. That, FYI, is seven minutes early. I took it as a sign that I should stay home and study more. So I did.

Also, Jan Bulis is awesome (he scored FOUR GOALS in last night's game against Philly, which the Habs actually won, 5-3.) and Jose Theodore is sucking these days, so our backup, Cristobal Huet, is in nets tonight against Ottawa.

I am, how you say, le tired.

But I feel like I accomplished stuff today. Go me.


Sep. 23rd, 2005 03:21 pm
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I wonder if people who study sociology do so because they don't understand societal norms, values and rules.

I know that I've had issues in the past with "fitting in" with others in social interactions. I wonder if most sociologists are like that, too.


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