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Don't get me wrong. Italy was great, punctuated with some not-so-great familial moments... but it is AWESOME to be home.

Had a stupidly long phone call with JB, too, which was AWESOME. I didn't realize how much I'd really missed her in my day-to-day life - not just from when I was away, but back to when she left for the first half of the summer.

... OMG, my left ear just popped. I CAN HEAR AGAIN!!!!!!

By the way, there is little that is painful in the same manner as being in a descending aircraft while you're congested. My right ear didn't pop ONCE on the descent into Montreal and the entire half of my face was in agony until well after we landed.

And just now, at 8:27pm, my left ear popped all the way for the first time since Frankfurt. We landed four hours ago.

I should sleep soon, but I should also go to the store, eat, etc. JB is supposed to come by tomorrow around 4pm for some hanging out and catching up. It'll be really nice to see her again.
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It's ten to 2 in the morning. I wake up in, oh, five hours.

The good:
- I showered tonight, so I don't need to shower in the morning.
- Apparently, I am closer to getting back on ET than I thought I was, because I'm tired, but I can't sleep.

The bad:
- I'm flying to Frankfurt and then to Montreal on five hours of sleep with my parents, and my mother in particular, who will be cranky as hell without nicotine in her system.
- I am not entirely packed.
- I am not actually sure that I will ever be packed, because I cannot see how all this CRAP will fit into two bags.
- I have the cold my father caught and so graciously shared with me.
- Have YOU ever been on a plane while seriously congested? It's not happy.

I should pack up my computer and then the rest of my bag and then try to sleep.


Jun. 18th, 2006 06:09 pm
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I am now in Florence.

Lovely place. Been here before. Found the jewelry shop I bought a ring at 16 (SIXTEEN?!?!) years ago.

'course, my feet ache, I'm sunburnt and want to rip out my uterus, but otherwise, things are just dandy. (Well. My parents are still alive.)

Having some odd connection issues and I'm exhausted, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to upload stuff. It won't even let me upload to Flickr, use FTP, webftp or photobucket. GRR.

Tomorrow, more wandering through Firenze, and then on Tuesday, it's off to Santa Margherita Ligure for three days. That would be the beach. And we'll see about Internet access. At least I'll have it on the 23rd, when we get back to Milano before flying home.

And, in random news, after two nights of relative bliss in Padova, I am once again sharing a room with my parents for two nights. My daddy is snoring. It is only because it is Father's Day that I am not going to hurt him. Also, I have my iPod, which I have taken to sleeping with.

On that note, Monday is a day of birthdays!

Happy birthday to [ profile] moireach and to [ profile] mtgat's Girlchild!

Oh, and even more randomly, but I've been meaning to write this all week... Magnum P.I. in Italian is just funny.

That is all!
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Greetings to all from Padova, Italia.

I am sitting in the lobby of my hotel, using their computer and their setup for the outrageous (to me) price of 2 euros per HALF HOUR. Eesh.


Because I have no access in my room.

But at least it's my own room. Much love to my daddy for getting me my own room.

Highlights of the last couple days, briefly, because the guy at the front desk turned off a light a couple minutes ago in what is probably a not-remotely-subtle-hint for me to GET OFFLINE already...:

- walked around Brera with my mom
- saw the REAL top of the Duomo with my dad
- wrote postcards from just outside the Duomo to five of you
- shlepped BACK to Brera with my parents and then actually left before we were served at the restaurant because my mother was going to reduce me to tears for no specific reason
- navigated my way BACK to the hotel ALL BY MYSELF OMG GO ME. I even transferred metro lines. My pride at having done so is only reduced by the fact that I actually left my parents in Brera, because we were on the verge of a fight.
- I explained to the doorman at the hotel that we had to be at the airport for 10 (it was 9:30 at the time) and that the first kind of taxi would be fine. IN ITALIAN. GO ME.

We walked around Padova tonight, and I saw the most gorgeous frescoes ever in this little chapel. No pictures allowed, alas.

Still, I have photos for you guys and I'll upload them in Florence, since that hotel has Internet in the rooms. (I just checked after checking out AOL and Earthlink which have SURCHARGES on top of the monthly fees.)

Tomorrow, VENICE, at ass o'clock in the morning. But I'll have my iPod and my little book of Sudoku puzzles (at which I'm becoming fairly adept!) and maybe my mother and I won't kill each other after all.

My time is about up, and I'm tired anyways. Lots of walking in Italy and I actually have the start of a tan or a burn. I can't tell which -- I'm too pale to start with. ;)

Ciao, amici, ti parlerĂ² a presto! (Sundayish)


Jun. 15th, 2006 06:04 am
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Last bit of Internet access for a little while, I think. Not sure what access will be like once out of Milan.

So, I thought I'd take this opportunity to say:

a) my mother is crazy.
b) my mother is a liar.
c) my mother caused us to steal someone's taxi from them the other night.

I cannot wait 'till after today, because my father will officially be done with his conference and can act as an intermediary for us.

Also, I still hate the people at Santa Maria Delle Grazie because they are liars and their website about Cenacolo sucks and still doesn't warn you about the insane reservation backlog nor does it give you an online ordering system or anything like what the woman at the church assured me they had yesterday.

ALSO, they have no contact email address. I would like to lodge a complaint, and I cannot. GRR.

No idea what we're doing today, but it's noon, so we're gonna get a move on. See you all from somewhere outside Milan, probably.

Holy CRAP!

Jun. 14th, 2006 02:22 pm
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(or, Brin has the evening to herself, thank God.)

So much to say that it's actually, physically impossible to write it all down.

First, photos will be coming shortly -- gotta upload my edited ones -- and then transfer more from the camera to the computer, edit them and upload 'em. So watch this space!

My parents are out to dinner thanks to my father's conference, so I have the evening to myself and it's a damn good thing, because I am about ready to kill them both while they sleep. :D

Anyways, I'm sitting here looking through the room service menu.

A burger and fries is 16 euros. Which is abooooout $24 Canadian, so something like, $20 USD. Okay. I get that. It's a hotel.

Guess, JUST GUESS, how much a SINGLE Coke is.

Go on.



FIVE EUROS. $7.50 CAD! Or like, $6 USD!

Water? 5 euros for half a litre. SIX euros for 750mL. How crazy!

And it's not that much cheaper outside the hotel, either.

In brief news, The Last Supper will not be seen, because they are sold out until mid-July. They do NOT mention this on the website. At least not in English. ... or in Italian.

Bastards. If any of you go to Milan and want to see it, book your visit RIGHT AFTER you confirm your flights. Seriously.

Okay, I'm going to order my food and play with photos. I'll have access to the 'net 'till about 1:22pm ET on Thursday (7:22pm here), so I can get your emails, etc. :)

I'll update the post when the photos are uploaded!

Voila. Some of you may have already seen unedited versions of the photos from the 12th.

13th is more Duomo, mostly (and the tiny bit of the roof I was on. :P) and the 14th is at Santa Maria Delle Grazie (Our Lady of Grace -- Notre Dame de Grace) and the place where The Last Supper is at. Which is sold out until July. Screw 'em. :P

But they did have a lovely cloister.
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Oh, and happy birthday to [ profile] yahtzee63!

It's 7:22am and I've been up for an hour. Go figure. Dad's left for his conference. Mom is still asleep.

We have the oddest light switches ever.

It's like a touch pad control by the beds that controls all the lights in the room, although the bathroom has its own switch as well. And there are these two lights DIRECTLY ABOVE the heads of the two twin beds (there's a third temporary bed that has been set up that my dad took because it means we hear slightly less of his snoring) that don't ACTUALLY have a switch. We can turn off all the lights in the room, which then turns those off, and THEN we can turn on the other lights individually.

It took us half an hour to figure that one out.

Anyways, hope all is well with you all. I should be able to take some pics of Il Duomo today and get them online before my 24 hours is up (around 9:30 local time, 3:30 ET.). :)

More later!


Jun. 11th, 2006 03:51 pm
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My computer clock still says 3:41pm, but it's 9:41pm here in Milano and it's getting dark.

So... I've arrived safely. Yay. So did my bags. Yay.

Montreal -> Frankfurt = 7h30m of being cramped in economy with my dad while mom took the good business class seat (at our urging). I don't think either Pop or I wanted to be anywhere near Mom after 8+ hours without a cigarette. She's scary when she's nicotine-deprived. Meanwhile my tailbone may never recover from the crampedness.

Frankfurt = 3h stopover. We stopped at a restaurant in the airport and had a good breakfast.

Also Frankfurt airport security = way tighter than Montreal. They searched me but good. Montreal was nice about the computer at least. The Frankfurt guy was like "computer out" and stuff.

The flight from Frankfurt to Milano sucked. Sardines, I tell you, we were sardines! More tailboney badness, being forced in that same position for another hour.

Then... a shuttle bus thing from the airport to a stop NEAR our hotel. My parents woke me out of a dead sleep to get me off the bus with them and then we schlepped for like, 10 blocks because we got lost. With all our bags.

And CONTRARY to what my father said, I do not, in fact, have my own room for this leg of the journey. Apparently he reserved one room for three people but neglected to tell me this when I asked him about separate rooms.

So.... I get to deal with both my parents snoring and my mom's smoking. HooRAY.

But at least I have Internet, right? Hahaha, 27 euro per 24 hour period, session limit of, I kid you not, 40 megabytes.

So I'm online 'till this time tomorrow (or thereabouts) and I'll be online on Wednesday afternoon/evening and then that's it until we get out of Milano.

I'm griping, I know, I know, but I've had like, 3 hours of sleep in the last 30 hours.

That said, dinner was excellent -- Italian pizza puts any other imitations to shame.

No photos yet, but I think mom and I are headed to see The Last Supper tomorrow. (Which probably doesn't permit photographs, but I'll be taking city photos anyways.) Then we have the opera on Tuesday, I think -- seeing The Barber of Seville.

Should be an interesting time, at the very least. Will post again soon. Send me more addresses for postcards, if you want them, please! :)

ETA: Er, it seems that everything cool is closed on Mondays. God only knows why. The Last Supper will have to wait until later in the week.

Also, I reread the entire "The Da Vinci Code" while on various planes and buses and in airports today/yesterday, so I was kind of like "OMG COOL I didn't KNOW The Last Supper is in Milan!!!". For I am a dork.


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