Apr. 30th, 2008 08:21 pm
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You ever just want to throttle the key player on the team your team is playing?

Seriously. Martin Biron is stonewalling us.


Of COURSE he was a Nordiques fan growing up. It just figures.

I hate that guy. :P


Apr. 30th, 2008 07:03 pm
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Apparently, we're starting Halak.

I don't know how I feel about this.

Apart from "Oh God, we're screwed."

Not that I have that much confidence in Carey Price... but dang.

<crosses fingers and mutters a prayer>

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Actually watched SNL last night, which is something I very rarely do anymore. It's just not the same without Tina Fey. But... it was Christopher Walken hosting, and he creeps me out to the point where I almost can't stop watching him, and I thought maybe they'd do the Continental sketch. Alas, they didn't. But I did discover the band "Panic at the Disco". Which, as I understand it, used to be "Panic! at the Disco". I liked their first song, Nine in the Afternoon and thus did not turn off the TV when they did their second song...

... which I recognized and have known solely as "the song where the guy's talking about closing the goddamn door", for, oh, the past couple of years. It's a song I hear rarely (as I rarely listen to the radio), limited mostly to driving around with my brother (which is also rare). So hooray for finding out the artist of said "goddamn door" song and the title, which is I Write Sins Not Tragedies.

In other news, my dad turned 64 on Friday, my Lush turns ... ahahaha, he turns 30 today! Note to self, call the Lush. Of course, I turn 31 in a couple of weeks, so my amusement is short-lived, but anyways.

Lots of things to do today including, but not limited to:

- laundry
- shower
- going downtown and getting my dad a present and a card
- going to dinner with the family

Those are actually the things I'm looking forward to doing. My life is sad.

As to hockey, the Canadiens' goalie, Carey Price, is, in my opinion, just ordinary and nothing more. Sure, the occasional streak of brilliant play, but that happens to everyone. For crying out loud, Tom Kostopoulous (a grinder/checker, not known as a scorer) scored the winning goal in OT on Thursday. ANYONE can have a great game. So, partly because of Carey Price's ordinary play and Martin Biron's outstanding play (he's the goalie for the Philadelphia Flyers), the Habs are heading to Philly on Monday with the best-of-7 series tied at 1 game each. The only good thing that would come out of a 7-game series is that the 7th game would be played in Montreal the day before my birthday. :P But my parents are not going to buy me playoff hockey tickets for my birthday, so let's win the next four games and get to the conference finals, shall we? :P

Also, if the weather could please DECIDE if it's going to be hot or cold, rainy or dry, I know my sinuses would appreciate it. I went to bed shortly after 1 and woke up, wide awake, thanks to a sinus headache, at 7:30am. So not cool.
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Warning. This post talks about hockey and World of WarCraft. But I think it's amusing. Still, I thought I'd warn you all. ;)

So there I am. Curled up on my couch, eating ordered in rotisserie chicken, wearing my white Habs jersey (as opposed to my red one. Yes. I have two.) and my old Habs baseball hat. (I have two of those, too.)

I'm all set to watch the first period of the game as I eat dinner and then go play WoW for a little bit.

And.. we're down 2-0 after the first period. /facepalm

Stupid Philadelphia Flyers. So I'm grumpy, and then people are cancelling for our raid this evening, so I'm having to scramble with the raid composition...

We start the raid and I've got a few new things I'd like the group to try, so we do, etc, etc... I have the game on in the background, but am depressed enough at the 2-0 lead the Flyers have that I don't need t pay attention to it.

So I'm focused on my raiding stuff and all of a sudden, I look up and see an empty net. O_o They've pulled Carey Price. This can't be good, I think. I realize there's about a minute left in the third and we're down 3-2.

All of a sudden, a playoff series between Montreal and Boston flashes before my eyes, from nearly two decades ago. At my birthday party that year, my friends insisted on watching this game between the Habs and Bruins and the Habs pulled Patrick Roy and the Bruins scored an empty-net insurance goal, winning the game, eliminating the Habs from the playoffs.

So I have visions of that dancing in my head and I have to organize my raid and and and. I think I deafened my guild members when I screamed "YES!!!!" when Kovalev scored the tying goal.

Not ten minutes later, my guild gets the end-boss of this particular dungeon down to 1% (for the first time) before we all die.

It's not good, right, when it feels like your heart stops twice in 10 minutes? ;)

And then Tom Kostopoulous (of all people!) scores the winner, 48 seconds into overtime.

Dear Lord, I do NOT have the constitution for this.

That said, I wonder if that counts as a cardiovascular workout...

Off to watch The Office, 30 Rock and maybe Lost. Woot!
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The Dinner Party )

Also, HABS WON 4-1. GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!

16 pour 25

Apr. 10th, 2008 07:07 pm
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16 pour 25 -- 16 for 25.

16 wins. A 25th Stanley Cup.

The playoffs start for the Montreal Canadiens this evening. The Office will have to wait.

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I'm a considerate visionary.

And my "DNA" strip looks like this:

I'm on spring break and will be watching the Canadian women take on the Finnish women in Olympic hockey. Winner goes against the Czechs in the gold medal match, loser goes against the USA in the bronze match.


(Honestly, I could really care less about any sport except hockey. This does not mean I'm not psyched that we have 2 golds, 4 silver and 3 bronzes, I think it stands at.)

And also, BREATHING SUCKS. Woke up twice last night coughing up a lung. Stupid #)%*@)#%*. GRR.


Jan. 26th, 2006 05:21 pm
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I think I actually did okay on my Italian test. I'm thinking I got somewhere in the mid-70s. I could possibly have gotten in the 80s, although I am very bad at telling how I did on Italian tests. The last time I thought I aced a test, I got 60-something.

Still, I know I got at least 9/10 on each of the 10 question subjunctive sections, and probably another 4/5 in another section and at least 4/5 in another section, which is 26/30, and there was another section that, even if I bombed (I know I didn't ace it), I probably got 3-4 on, so that's 29-30/40.


In other news, I saw Nelly at the Mature Students Centre today after the test. She told me I was doing very well and to not feel bad about the B+ in 403, and that the Italian is dragging down my GPA, yes, but that it's good that I recognize that and if I don't want to continue, I don't have to, since getting an Italian minor would mean another SIX ITALIAN COURSES. Good gravy, I couldn't do another six if you paid me. She told me that I should go see a Soci advisor and let them know I want to switch my concentration from a Major to an Honours, so I'm gonna do that next Tuesday between Anthro and Italian. Hopefully, they will accept me as an Honours student and I won't be doing Soci 410 (Research Design and Analysis) for "fun". (Actually, I'm moderately pleased that this semester, we're going to be working on our own research, so YAY.)

Also, new default Irina icon, courtesy of [ profile] irinafan. 4th season spoiler as to why I changed -- apart from the Santa hat. )

What else, what else... It's 5:15. I have class at 6.

Oh, I blew off Anthro again. Whoops. I've got to start going to that class. My bus went by at 11am, just after I finished brushing my teeth and was packing up. That, FYI, is seven minutes early. I took it as a sign that I should stay home and study more. So I did.

Also, Jan Bulis is awesome (he scored FOUR GOALS in last night's game against Philly, which the Habs actually won, 5-3.) and Jose Theodore is sucking these days, so our backup, Cristobal Huet, is in nets tonight against Ottawa.

I am, how you say, le tired.

But I feel like I accomplished stuff today. Go me.
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I actually got to sleep for about nine hours, which was delightful.

So weird were the dreams I had.

See, I have two main things to accomplish today; I must finish my essay for English and I must go to the bank to cash a cheque, which is in American funds. The former just requires a little time, the latter requires going into the bank and dealing with a teller, instead of, you know, using the ATM at any hour of the day or night.

And this needs to be done today, before I go to class. Basically, in the next two hours, I have to finish my essay, print it, shower and leave for the bank. (Really, I should have woken up earlier.)

All of this was incorporated into my dream, along with my friend PF. I dreamt I was in Ottawa with her (this is where she lives) and she was showing me her new apartment (she doesn't have a new apartment, BTW), and it got dark out and I'd been in the US (perhaps collecting my cheque in US funds?) already that day and now I was in Ontario and, dammit, all I wanted to do was to get home to Quebec.

P had me go to the grocery store to pick up sour cream. And milk. And I was looking for a bank, but they were closed, but there was an InstaCheque branch that was supposedly open, and I couldn't find it.

It ended up with P meeting her husband for dinner at a restaurant in a nearby mall while I wandered, looking for some method of cashing my cheque, and wishing to GET THE HELL out of Ontario.

I was almost grateful when my alarm went off.

In other news, Montreal had municipal elections yesterday. My grandmother (who lives in the same building I do) and I went to go vote, thanks to a lift from my dad. The thing about municipal elections is that it's a crapshoot. I didn't know anything about the candidates. I voted for the previous mayor as mayor of my little city-to-be (instead of being a borough, we're getting our city back!) and he lost to some young whippersnapper who's barely older than I am. The councilmember? Out of the four names on the list, I voted for the one who stopped by my apartment and left a flyer with "Sorry I missed you. -- Sam" handwritten on it because it was the only one I knew.

I love voting, I love elections, but municipal elections leave me unsatisfied.

Okay. Back to my essay, then shower, bank, Italian, English and possibly dinner with CR.

Oh. And I'm a-goin' to the hockey game again tomorrow! :D
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Last Wednesday, I won tickets to the November 1st hockey game between the Habs and the Panthers.

Thing is, I already HAD tickets to that game, as my friend MG had invited me.

So basically, I went with MG, while giving JB and a friend of hers, M-something, my tickets. Amusingly enough, they were in the same row, just 8 sections away from each other.

We all met up for dinner (well, we were going to meet at 5:45, but JB was late and M was waiting at the wrong restaurant) and we all had a great pre-game dinner, just talking and laughing. MG told some embarassing stories about me, JB was delighted and I was blushy.

We practically RAN to the Bell Centre, and though JB and M were delayed because of M's backpack, MG and I ran up to our seats and settled in just as the puck dropped. :D

Within five minutes of game time played, we were up 2-0.

It promised to be a great night.

At intermission, with the score 2-1, we went and found JB and M and chatted together and placed Canadiens stickers on our faces and laughed and then scurried back to our seats.

MG and I noticed that the two people to our right were, shockingly enough, not there. At all. Through the whole period, which ended 3-2.

At intermission, we went to get JB and M and dragged them back to our seats and the four of us settled in to watch the third period together.

JB sat between me and M, and MG was on my other side, and we were all happily chatting and watching the game and then Florida scored.

MG was sad. I was annoyed.

Then we got two penalties and it was a 5 on 3 for Florida for over a minute, and JB was giggling at my "oh shit, oh shit, we're gonna die, now", because hello, FIVE MINUTES LEFT in the third period, it's TIED and we're down by two men!

She stopped giggling at my reaction when Florida scored the go-ahead goal.

MG looked like she was going to cry.

I was most unhappy. JB scratched my head in time to the 1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4, LET'S GO cheer, though, which, well, cheered me immensely. ;)

Despite being unhappy with the goal, I was not about to give up. I cheered even harder, yelling at the top of my lungs (I am now somewhat hoarse) and JB and MG and M all got into it.

With under a minute in regulation, we had a power play, we pulled Theodore and we had a 6 on 4 and then, with 8.1 seconds to go, Steve Begin scored the equalizer.


MG was, strangly, hugged by the dude to HER right, so I grabbed JB and we hugged in celebration for a few moments, before I grabbed MG and JB grabbed M and then we all put our arms around each other and screamed at the top of our lungs and cheering "GO HABS GO" and "BE-GIN", "BE-GIN"! (which doesn't sound like "begin", but more "Bay-Zhay". I know, French names are weird.)

8 seconds of play in which nothing happened, except the crowd cheering at the announcement of Begin's goal and then a minute break before five minutes of four-on-four overtime. We were still in this! We could still win! It was ELECTRIC.

Jose Theodore made a couple nice overtime saves and then we got a power play in overtime and MG turns to me and says "The only thing I like better than 4-on-4 hockey is 4-on-3 hockey!"

And then Michael Ryder scored the winning goal for the Canadians and AGAIN, the Bell Centre erupted.

It was an incredible experience. The team is GOOD, these days, the fans are totally into it, we can come back from being down in the game with eight seconds left... it's amazing. It's nothing like it used to be, lacklustre with bored fans. Hockey these days is really exciting, and anything can happen. With 5 minutes to go in the third, being down by a goal, that's when people used to just go "oh. We're going to lose." and we WOULD lose.

Not so last night.

I love my Habs, and seeing them play hard, not give up and come up with the win, with two of my good friends with me, was amazing. :D

I now need to study for my Italian test. :)
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Test went okay. I hate articles. I don't understand why there needs to be 397502 words for "the". But it still went okay.

Hockey. There is NHL hockey on my TV for the first time in over a year. It makes me very happy. But there are 82 matches in a season and only 22 episodes of Lost a season. Lost beats hockey. Well, first-run Lost, anyways.

Hattrick. I won my cup match by the skin of my nose and this means that next week, I get to play a friend of mine, I, whom I've met several times and is a very nice person. She's also sort of my boss when it comes to other things in the game, so that's just amusing. It's a seeded thing, so the best team left plays the worst team left, and we're both somewhere in the middle. It'll be fun!

And OMG, I just saw José Theodore in a Ford commercial. Long live French television, eh? DAMN, that boy is fine. <wipes drool from chin>

Lost in 13 minutes, now. Stay tuned at 10pm for my Lost reactions, and don't forget to check out [ profile] flight815islost for Lost stuff, too. (I'll be making a post there later on, which will be more detailed than the one here.)

Ten minutes. Squee!

(I need to make an icon that incorporates Lost, hockey, Hattrick and Italian.)


Sep. 24th, 2005 07:10 pm
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Habs. Maple Leafs. RDS. 7pm ET.

That's NOW. :D

I'm going to watch my team play a(n exhibition) game on TV for the first time since they were eliminated in May of 2004.

This. Is. Awesome. :D


Sep. 2nd, 2005 08:08 pm
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José Theodore has been signed for three years.

I am a very happy camper.

Even though I'm up north, it's been raining AND the restaurant we were going to go to for dinner was closed because their hydro pole FELL OVER. [ETA: Hydro pole. As in a pole/post that hydro-electric power lines are supported by.]

So now we're back at the cottage, my folks are cooking steak and potatoes and MY GOALIE SIGNED. For about 16M. 4.5 / 5.5 / 6 over the course of three years.



Aug. 3rd, 2005 03:32 pm
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I have not yet talked about hockey at all because I haven't wanted to jinx Les Canadiens de Montreal.

Seriously, I'm still wary.

But! I have hockey things to say!

First things first: The draft. I have no problems with us having selected Carey Price as the #5 pick overall. In fact, I think Bob Gainey's a genius. Yann Danis is a pretty decent goalie right now, he's 24 and he played well for the Bulldogs last season. He had a 2.34 GAA and a .924 save percentage in 53 games. Pretty decent numbers, although I would expect the GAA to balloon a bit if placed in NHL conditions.

Carey Price, not even quite 18 years old, had a 2.34 GAA and a .920 save percentage in 63 games with the Tri-City Americans of the Western Hockey League last season. He's 6'2", 175 pounds, he plays a hybrid standup/butterfly style and I'm thinking he's a little bit like Patrick Roy/Olaf Kolzig. I think the kid's going to be a great goalie.

Bob Gainey is a genius for picking a goalie. The other choices were small forwards (we have enough of them. Koivu, Ribeiro, Zednik...) or big defensemen (we have enough of them, too. Hainsey and Komisarek... plus Souray.). This way, Gainey gets a bit of insurance in the future for the eventual departure of Jose Theodore. Or, if Theodore signs with us for a long-term contract (more below!), Carey Price is prime trade bait for a big, young forward.

As to my boy Theo...

Theo has said he wants to sign a 4 year contract with Montreal. He's said to be asking 22 million (5.5M/season). I think Gainey can probably talk him down to 5M/season, due to the salary cap, and the fact that we've just signed TWO awesome free agents today (one just a few minutes ago!).

First of all, we re-signed (and yes, people, it's got a hyphen. "Resigned" means to leave your position voluntarily. "Re-signed" means to sign again.) Alexei Kovalev! I honestly didn't see that one coming. I thought he was gone and lost forever to Pittsburgh. But no! He's ours for FOUR YEARS at 18M (4.5M/year).

And now, the breaking news, we just signed Mathieu Dandenault, a free agent formerly with Detroit for 4 years at 7M (1.75M/year). Sweet. I don't know a lot about him, but he seems to be a versatile player, having been trained as a forward, but is now a pretty solid defender with a +46 over his career. I'm sure we'll use him on the blue-line, but we've used defenders for the left-wing-lock strategy on occasion, and I'm sure he's going to be a good fit if we pull that off. Or just a good fit in general now that Brisebois is gone. (I might actually miss Breeze-by.)

Wow. Free agent season, and the Habs are active. Dandenault. Kovalev. Re-signed Bouillon (Frankie Bouillon, the smallest and fiestiest defender EVER!)... Now we just need to sign Theo and all the other restricted free agents and I think we might have a good chance at getting to the conference finals of the playoffs. :D

Must go get ready to go to work, now.


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