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When last we left our intrepid adventurer, she was going to try to upgrade her IRC server without destroying the universe.

Success! Upgraded to a new version of the IRC server, the IRC services and installed an open proxy scanner. I felt like the queen geek. And then on Saturday, I screwed it up for a bit and lost services entirely for like, half an hour. It was weird. But it all seems to be working, now.
In other news, I have an Italian test in about an hour and a bit.

And I saw my Nana last night. Dad's in Banff, Alberta, becoming some president of some doctor association thing, so I went to feed her dinner and we chatted. She's doing a LOT better, should be out of the isolation room soon (she kicked c.diff's ASS!) and is spending some time in her chair every day as opposed to just lying in bed. The physiotherapist is coming most days, I think, and her swelling in her hands and feet are going down because she's actually eating more.

Good stuff, keep thinking happy thoughts. :D

Anyways, I should review my stuff a little bit more before I go. I've been up since 5am, for some unfathomable reason, so I'm looking forward to going downtown, writing my test, coming home and napping before my 6pm class.
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So, once upon a time, I was a geek.

Once upon a time, I had all this... knowledge, all this usable, ready-to-spout knowledge about things like bash shells and how to switch from one linux editor to another and how to ungzip things without a second thought.

Sitting here, in the shell of my IRC server, I'm like... oh my God, there are so many FILES and wait, WHICH ones are the important ones again?!

I JUST now remembered that the evil text editor is called vi and the good one is called pico. Now if only I can find instructions on how to edit cron jobs in pico and not vi.

What I have to do:

- force a services backup of all configuration files to do with channels and names used on the server. - DONE
- copy the important configuration files and services backup files to safe locations to use in the new versions of the software. - DONE
- stop the old server from automatically trying to run every 15 minutes while I work on bringing up the new server. - DONE
- make sure the new server is configured properly and will run and allow connections. - DONE
- make sure the new services are configured properly and will run AND RECOGNIZE the old server. - DONE
- install the open proxy scanner and pray it's not incomprehensible gobbledegook that won't work no matter what I do, like the last time I tried it. - DONE!
- once all three programs are stable and running in concert, set up a new cron job to run all three every 15 minutes or so to ensure less downtime. - DONE!
- change the message of the day for the proper news page URL, as this morning, I changed the news page to work with the "new" look, which is actually two years old. I'm real good at this stuff. :P - CAN WAIT.

Wish me luck!


Jul. 4th, 2006 08:16 pm
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All about dimensions!

Go me.

Feb. 14th, 2006 04:48 am
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Didn't watch L Word. Instead, chatted contentedly with JB, who brought me ice cream and risked getting The Plague.

Really not feeling so hot, but due to domainy/hosting stuff, had to take care of a couple of things.

Properly migrated two PHPBB boards from old host to new host, using the command line MySQL interface.

I feel like utter crap, physically, but my spirit is psyched as hell that I managed to migrate the two boards without losing any messages or users in the process. (This has happened to me twice before.)

I also wrote to my prof about my midterm tomorrow, and indicated there was a large possibility I wouldn't make it. I'm gonna go try to sleep for a bit and see how I feel when my alarm goes off. Chances are, I ain't goin' to school tomorrow. I feel so ... out of my body, if that makes sense. My limbs feel really long and heavy. I hate being sick.

Also, it would be really, really nice if my nose decided to stop leaking for five seconds.

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(When you read that title, hear Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins when she finds her measuring tape.)

So, yeah. Port forwarding was my issue. I had no idea the new torrent clients require 6881-6999 open, and there I was with 6881-6889 open as usual, and could NOT figure out why my new version of ABC wasn't working properly. All my torrents are now greeeeeeen (as they should be) because I went into my router and redirected the additional ports to my local IP address.

And I have smooth legs, now.

That is all.

<bounds away to clean up more, now that things are downloading nicely>
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Ways for a Computer Geek NOT to Impress the Girl they Like

#1 Offer to read over an assignment for her, use the snazzy "track changes" feature Word has (which is one of the only redeeming features it HAS), explain how to use the function in the email, comment on various parts of the assignment and send the email, forgetting to attach the file.

I woke up from a nightmare this morning to this:

I don't get what you mean about changing the filename and going to Track changes....Don't you have to send the file back to me? I opened the document that I sent to you and went to "track changes" in case you were able to do your computer magic and send the document back to my computer directly, and I didn't notice any changes to the document. I also looked to see if there was a file under a new name in "My Documents", but no. I'm confused...did you forget to send me the file? That would be completely understandable considering the hour you looked at it, but if not, I'm just not geeky enough to know what you mean :). So. If you would be so kind as to call me to clarify once you awaken from your beauty sleep? Thank you darling! (you know, in advance...oh! and thank you for looking at the document! very very much!)

Oof. There goes all my geek street cred in one fell swoop.


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