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1) My feet ache as though I spent 16 hours wearing shoes 3 sizes too small. In fact, I have spent much of the last week walking more than I do in a given month, much less a week.

2) I feel like I need a Ph.D in origami to wrap presents properly.

3) Dreading the typical family get-together for Christmas this year, as my mother and I are all pissy at each other.

4) I'm fairly satisfied with the presents I got people. Not to bad for 90% of it being done in one shot on December 23rd.

5) Even though it's Christmas Eve and I'm a little cranky before heading to my parents', the soundtrack to the Charlie Brown Christmas makes me smile.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, happy holidays anyways if you don't.
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First things first: Paper was handed in around 10:30pm on the 25th. Still a little short, but I had an AMAZING sociological epiphany that I included in the paper, and hopefully, that little bit of insight will give me a good mark, if nothing else. :)

The 25th was pretty crazy. I slept from 9:30am until 1:30pm, worked on my paper 'till 5ish. Then our Italian friends came by, whom we'll call Signore and Signora C. I haven't seen these people for years. But we used to live two doors away from them. The Cs have known me my entire life, and my parents are their oldest friends in Canada. I haven't seen them since I started taking Italian, but my mom's informed Signora C that I've been taking Italian and so when she arrived, she hugged me and said "Ahhhh, quella bella ragazza!" and I'm like, "Dude. For once, this woman is talking to me in Italian AND I KNOW WHAT SHE'S SAYING." (She said "Ahhhh, what a beautiful girl!".... Whatever. :)) And so we talked a bit in Italian and she said, in English, in her Italian accent, "You speak-a Italiano like a real Italian, no like-a English person!"

Which totally made me blush.

More people arrived, I worked on my paper some more, we had dinner, it was nice and loud (! Imagine two real Italians, plus three others who speak fluent Italian and me all attempting to converse around a table of 10 people. It was hysterical!) and then I went back to the paper.

I was then informed that Signora C knows both of the Italian teachers I've had, and that the dude who taught me in winter of 2005 is okay, but the woman who taught me both in my first semester and third semester of Italian is fantastic. Which makes me happy. :)

Unfortunately, there was a lot of freezing rain and snow on Sunday night, so I was trapped at my parents' house until Monday afternoon. FORTY-SIX HOURS WITH FAMILY does NOT make me happy. Especially with all the paper stress and sleep deprivation and the lack of ability to connect to their wireless network because some idiot technician from my dad's office set it up and didn't leave them the admin user/pass, which meant I couldn't find out the network key! That was annoying. As such, I was stuck at the office in the most UNCOMFORTABLE CHAIR EVER, and have a bruise on my thigh from the arm of the chair, since I kept trying to pull up my legs and sit cross-legged, which is HOW I TEND TO SIT.

Ahem. Sorry, had to bitch. I'm better now.

Let's see... Loot next, I guess. I got Alias, Season 4 on DVD, which goes nicely with Season 3. I got cash. I got a couple of cool books. I got new bedsheets (flannel!) so I won't freeze this winter. I got a nice silver bracelet with my name on it. $50 at Chapters/Coles/Indigo. Blank CDs. Nothing huge like last year (wireless router & DVD player!), but I think I have actually run out of electronic things that I need. How weird is that?

I may be going up north tomorrow for a couple days so I can skiiiiiiiiiiiii. My parents are there, alas. But my brother and I would drive up together, so at least he'd be there with me.

And on that note, I need to go, since I need to run out for a few things and then come back here and tidy up, because [ profile] drsnicket is coming over! Yaaaaay!

More later!

EDIT: OH MY GOD, I GOT A B+ IN THAT CLASS! The class with the Paper of Doom! I got a B+! That means I TOTALLY got a B+ on my paper. I AM HAPPY. :D (I can't believe I'm this happy about a B+, but there you have it.)
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Merry Christmas, folks. :)

I'm at the parents' house. I'm in the office, connected to the wireless router by, yes, an ethernet wire. Oh, the joy that is an unknown network key.

Paper stuff to be done tonight. Had a GREAT dinner, though, including my grandmother's doughnuts. Mmmm.

Will post more tomorrow, but the plan is this:

- play a game with my brother for a bit
- paper writing until dawn
- open presents with family
- finish paper writing if needed
- sleep until Christmas dinner


There is caffeine in the house. I am prepared.

Merry Christmas, and I'll catch you guys on the other side of 8amish.


Dec. 24th, 2005 03:27 am
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My prof has given me until Sunday to expand my paper to the required length.

Sunday. CHRISTMAS. Ah, well. At least it'll all be over by Boxing Day.

I napped while the Habs lost to the Caps (part of me is still bitter about every loss to that godforsaken team). I woke up, had chicken, played on the computer for a while, watched TV and now I'm going to bed for a few hours before waking up to finish Christmas shopping.

Then back to the house to pack up my stuff, and off to the parents' for Christmas. And the rest of my paper. Hopefully, sleeping on some of the ideas and letting it all percolate will allow me to stretch it out another five pages.

Will I be able to concentrate while at my parents' house, with both parents, both grannies, my brother, two dogs and a partride in a pear tree? We'll see.

Bed soon. Will post again before Christmas. :)


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