Oct. 23rd, 2007 10:39 am
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I am tired. I don't think that I'm ever rested for my Italian class on Tuesdays.

It's gonna rain all. day. long. Peachy.

Busy day today. Italian at 11:45. Meeting up with JB for coffee at 2:30, then meeting up with SY for coffee at 4. Class at 6. Home for 9. Possible raid 'till 11ish.

All on about four hours of sleep.

Also, either my alarm clock next to my bed (I have one on my bookshelf across the room) isn't going off or I really am turning it off IN MY SLEEP. Not a good thing to start doing, really.

Ugh, I should get moving.
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Working on Sundays sucks ass. Sunday is a day of rest, dammit.

Ah, well. At least I get some cash and I'll get home before 10 and I'll be able to sleep.

And hey, a 45 minute break is nice, too.

(I am really trying to encourage myself, here. It's not working and I'm still not feeling 100% well. BLAH.)

ETA: And crap. I just remembered that I'm not only working today, tomorrow and Wednesday, but Friday, too, because I took last Wednesday off. GRR.
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I like the Harry Potter books. Really, I do. I devoured the first four in under a week, then waited interminably long for the fifth book to come out, and I've ordered with to get my book delivered to me on Saturday.

That said... I cannot possibly understand the fuss.

I understand not wanting to be spoiled, which is cool -- any thoughts I have on HPatHBP will be cut under a non-spoilery cut-tag.

But people are seriously overreacting (again!) when it comes to HP. So 15 books were sold ahead of time. So The Leaky Cauldron guy was sent the first and last chapters, along with all the first pages of each chapter. So it's already being swapped through BitTorrent.

For half a second, I thought "ooh, through BT? Maybe I should..."

And then I was like, no. I'm going to get my book like most of the universe on Saturday and I will curl up with it and read it, because I not only enjoy the story, but I enjoy the act of reading a book.

If we've waited, what, two years since OotP, surely we can all wait another four days. Seriously.

Also, I am more than a little annoyed with myself that I am apparently unable to not chime in with my two cents about HP. Pretty much everyone on my friends list is talking about it, to some extent, and I'm in danger of being saturated to the point that I'll just ignore everything HP-related for the next, oh, THREE MONTHS. (My HP tolerence level is surprisingly low, despite my enjoyment of the books and the films.)


I'm cranky. Could you tell? ;)


Jul. 10th, 2005 07:09 pm
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Oh frabjous day, callooh, callay!

<dances the dance of happiness>

I got off work after 3.5 hours.

No, I'm not getting paid for another 3.5 hours, but I don't care. :D

I was sucking a LOT today. Two hours on the CBC, nothing. An hour and a half on another project, nothing.

YAY being home. :D


Jul. 4th, 2005 03:55 pm
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I should leave for work soon.

I don't want to go to work.

Five people on my team have had their shifts cancelled. Am I one of them? NO.

Despite the annoyance that is commuting, I would love to show up and not have a shift, because they made a mistake. Unfortunately, this will probably not be the case.

I don't know why it is I am dreading work these days. The shiny, newness has worn off, I suppose. I've been there for about ... five weeks? Yeah, I started on the 30th of May. And I'm getting good at my job. My monitor reports are improving, my spoken French is improving, my flow (complete surveys/hour) is always better than the average...

I should graduate into a "real" team any day now, which will be nice. Apart from actually being out of training, I'll get an extra quarter per hour. Whee to $8.75 instead of $8.50.

And yet, I'm terribly unmotivated. I think it's because each survey is more annoying than the last. Either we're calling irate Americans, French Quebecers for a survey in English or the survey is really long. I'd like an easy survey, if you please. Just once, a short, easy survey that won't pry too much.

I would love to be put on a Canadian political survey, but those are usually tied in with other surveys.

Oh, and the Liberal MNA for the district I work in/my parents live in actually thinks my birthday is tomorrow. 5/7 is MAY SEVENTH, not JULY FIFTH.

Okay. Off to work.


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