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First off, I REALLY need to stop watching Castle in the middle of the night. Gah.

Second of all, this week's show was kind of awesome on a lot of levels.

Spoilers within! )
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So I just started getting into the Olivia/Natalia (Otalia? Horrible name. They're not Irish!) pairing on Guiding Light which seems moderately well-written and well-acted, but with really low production value that is driving me batty.

But I'm having trouble getting into it because I recognize half a dozen actors.

First, Olivia herself was Maggie Carpenter on One Life to Live. (Took me a while to place her, but I did!)

Then there's Olivia's ex, Philip, who is played by Grant Aleksander (I think that's his name) who used to be Alec on All My Children.

Then there's some girl named Dinah who, I realized with an "oh my GOD!", played Kelly Cramer (the REAL one) on One Life to Live.

And in one episode, there's this dude in the pews of the church... and would you look at that, it's Jeff Branson, AKA Jonathan Lavery from All My Children.

As if that's not enough, little Scotty Chandler (well, I guess he was an older version of Scott) is playing some dude on GL, too.

And then I go researching and ELLEN WHEELER is the Executive Producer of GL. Who's that? Oh, yeah, CINDY PARKER CHANDLER from AMC. (Scott's mom, Stuart's wife, who contracted AIDS from her drug-abusing husband before she married Stuart.)

That's six people I know! Or know of, rather. It's like flipping over to The Young and the Restless and seeing Cliff as Jack Abbott or Liz Hendrickson as Chloe and all the other people they have hanging out there who have been on my soaps. (I couldn't even begin to count over there 'cause I just don't watch at all.)

OH, and even more -- Ricky Paull Goldin or whoever is playing Jake Martin on AMC these days was Gus somebody or another on GL and hey, there was a photo of him in one of these eps -- he was Natalia's husband who died and Natalia donated his heart to Olivia. (Only on a soap opera, right? Right.)

I really need to get more sleep on a daily basis, I think.

PS: Would very much like for Olivia to stop throwing Natalia at Frank, plzkthxbai.
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Everyone must leave their friends pages IMMEDIATELY and haul ass over to:

Warning - turn your sound down to reasonable levels, as there's a video that autoplays when the page loads.

That said, it's a HILARIOUS webseries called Imaginary Bitches. And it just happens to star Ms. Eden Riegel, formerly of All My Children fame, along with Elizabeth Hendrickson (ex-Maggie, AMC) and Connie Staton (ex-Erin, AMC). It's written and directed by Mr. Andrew Miller, Ms. Riegel's husband.

All in all, awesomesauce. It's hilarious, well-written, well-acted, well-directed.

Go watch, and if you liked it, digg it at!
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So I went to bed around 5am and slept until 8:30. Whoops. I meant to sleep 'till 7, but my tired self somehow convinced the rest of me that "it was okay" to sleep in.

My brain is capable of a great deal of convincing, it appears.

Social Demography sucks ass.

But, my quote of the day (on my google personalized page) totally made me laugh:

Everyone has a purpose in life. Perhaps yours is watching television.
- David Letterman

I thought to myself THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! and then realized that even if it is my purpose in life, I still have a midterm today.

A midterm I am having so much trouble studying for, in part because Social Demography sucks ass, but also partly because a stupid All My Children fic has been bouncing around my head for the last six weeks and has chosen NOW to want to be let out. Disturbingly, since I started writing on Saturday night, I have over four thousand words. If I were doing NaNo, I'd be ahead of quota. Have I mentioned that I don't really know where the fic is going? 'cause I kind of do and kind of don't. It's sort of writing itself.

Heading to the parents' house after class today, to chill out and to have dinner. I might be able to get some writing done, or I might just wind up playing WoW with my brother all afternoon. It could go either way, really. Or... or I could nap. Hm.

Okay. Enough procrastinating. Back to Social Demography.

(also, I need to update my icons at some point.)
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More Alias Horizon spoilers here. )

Tomorrow: Bianca in the last few minutes of AMC, apparently. And the forecasted snowstorm has begun, so my getting the car for Friday night isn't looking fantastic, meaning a long-ass commute out to NC's for dinner, and back. Eh, should be fun anyways.

Bed now.


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