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First off, I REALLY need to stop watching Castle in the middle of the night. Gah.

Second of all, this week's show was kind of awesome on a lot of levels.

For those of you who might be unaware, Nathan Fillion did stuff before he did Dr. Horrible and Firefly.

He was...

Joey Buchanan on One Life to Live

Nathan Fillion played the role from 1994-1997, which is just after I started watching. [ profile] drsnicket roped me into OLTL in 1993 or thereabouts, and I kept watching for years. I still watch it every once in a very blue moon.

Anyways, tonight's episode of Castle was entitled "One Life to Lose". Hilarious! That ALONE would have gotten me to tune in.

As if that weren't enough, Rebecca Budig and Cameron Mathison were guest stars! They're both from All My Children, which I have watched, off and on (mostly off these last few years) since I was six.

(AMC and OLTL both filmed in NYC until recently when AMC was relocated to LA and OLTL took over AMC's old studio location.)

And then you have Castle referencing General Hospital. Congratulations, writers, you have managed to properly represent all three of ABC's daytime dramas in a single prime-time hour! It's so subtle, though, that probably only those familiar with the genre and ABC soaps in particular would have caught all the references.

Then, and I could be wrong, when Martha is talking about her role on the show that lasted three weeks?

She talks about being kidnapped, buried alive (TOTALLY a shout-out to Crystal Chappell and Days of Our Lives!) and a bear cave. If the bear cave thing was not a reference to Susan Lucci's performance of All My Children's Erica Kane yelling at a bear and successfully driving it away, I don't know what is. (Seriously. Here's a clip.)

The only thing I didn't like about the episode was that I felt as though every avenue Beckett and Castle went down before the very end was totally predictable. Of COURSE there were affairs, of COURSE there was a fake parent, etc, etc. There was even a hilarious bit with shippers! I know my old TNG peeps were pretty big on Picard/Crusher, but soap fans go WAY beyond that in terms of crazy shipperness. For real. You've seen me obsess over BAM (Bianca and Maggie) and Otalia (Olivia and Natalia). There are like, mail-in and phone-in campaigns and shit. The soap fans are very well organized so I love the brush with the shipper. Somewhat horrifyingly, I could relate! haha!

This is obviously an homage to the genre, but it reminded me why I don't watch AMC or OLTL anymore. As familiar as I am with the genre, it was lovely to be transported back for a little while. It's a nice place to visit, particularly since that's where Nathan Fillion has his roots, but it's definitely not where you'd want to live.

Particularly not in Pennsylvania, specifically Pine Valley or Llanview. Those places have all kinds of bad shit happening to them. ;)
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