Jul. 18th, 2010

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Previously: Day 01 - A show that should never have been canceled -- "The Five Mrs. Buchanans"

Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

Most people I know like The Office or 30 Rock or How I Met Your Mother or other amusing 30-minute sitcoms. But most people I know do not watch The Big Bang Theory. One of the most hilarious shows I have EVER watched, I honestly can't eat or drink while watching this, lest I snarf something.

This may have something to do with the fact that, hi, I'm a geek. I get the World of Warcraft jokes, the Star Trek jokes, even most of the science jokes. The first episode I ever stumbled upon had them playing Klingon Boggle. I was hooked. And the BARENAKED LADIES do the theme song? This show is basically made for me.

Never mind the fact that I apparently share Sheldon's ideas on who should be the next Batman; if it's not Dick Grayson (who is, remember, off being Nightwing!), I mean of course it should be Tim Drake and NOT Jason Todd! </geek>

Plus, Wil Wheaton's made appearances. As himself. And it's probably the most hilarious thing ever that he is Sheldon's nemesis.

Highly recommended to everyone, geek or not. The show is about two geeks (Leonard and Sheldon) who live across the hall from a non-geek girl, Penny. Leonard and Sheldon have a couple of geeky friends, Raj and Howard, and they all work at the local university. From a geek perspective, there are a TON of little things that make you squee and go "holy crap, they're talking about stuff I KNOW!!!" which makes it so much fun. But from a non-geek perspective, you at least have the ability to identify with Penny and just go "oh, those crazy geeks". Or something. I'm not sure if that's enough to be really amusing for the non-geek, though. :)

Where you know them from: Leonard is played by Johnny Galecki, who was Darlene's boyfriend, David, in Roseanne. Howard is played by Simon Helberg, who was Moist in Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog.

And here's a link to the first part of the first episode.

Coming up... )

In other news, my laptop's power cord died last night. I spent about 17 hours between its death and knowing it WAS the cord (and not the computer). Not fun, not fun, not fun. Thankfully, my brother and I have the same computer and so I plugged his power cord into my laptop today to verify that it WAS just the cord. Whew. Then ran out and dropped $134 that I didn't really have on a new universal power adapter. :P

One day, I will have a desktop again and be a lot less panicky when things go wrong with my computer.

Having said that, guess who's going to back up a crapton of stuff in the next couple of days, just in case? :P


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